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The Most Popular Summer Hairstyles for Women

Updated on June 24, 2013

As temperature begins to rise in the summer season, most women prefer to ditch their top knot or pony and go for a hairstyle that gives them a casual-cool look.

While braided styles continue to be a hot favorite amongst most women (including celebs) there are some other styles and updos that can help you to stay a little less overheated this summer.

Get inspired from these cool summer hairstyles and take your favorite one to your hairdresser and try it out!

Pixie Cut

There was a time when most women were dreadful of getting a pixie cut because it is a short hairstyle, but times have changed and so have short hairstyles for women. Today, stylists use their creativity and come up with various versions of the Pixie cut. All you got to do is decide how short you want your hair to be so your stylist can customize the haircut and you can look fab!


The Braid is one of the most favorite summer hairstyle for women. Needless to say, we’ve seen lot of innovation in terms of how hair is styled in different ways to create different braids.

Some of the most wanted braid styles in salons include Waterfall Braid, Fishtail Braid, Half Crown Braid, Twisted Side Braid, and French Braid.

Beachy Waves

This is yet another summer essential hairstyle! The cool thing about this hairstyle is you don’t have to do lot of styling to your hair on a daily basis. Moreover, the humidity in atmosphere during these hot months works with the style to create a carefree feel.

If you’re a fan of the Beachy Waves hairstyle, just select the mood you want to exhibit through it – fun, messy or chic and your hairstylist will make sure you get one of the best Beachy Waves style this summer.


One of the most commonly used hairstyle during the early 20th century; the Bun continues to be worn by women even today. If you want to have your hair appear neat and tight this summer, go for a Bun.

It’s a good summer hairstyle and a great option for women to dress long hair easily. Just make sure you don’t wear it too tight or up too high on the head because that can cause a headache.

Which is your favorite summer hairstyle?

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