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The Mystic Aura Surrounding Celtic Jewelry

Updated on February 13, 2013
Celtic jewelry, a representation of living art.
Celtic jewelry, a representation of living art. | Source

The very word ‘Celtic jewelry’ brings in a host of mystic associations to the mind of a connoisseur of any antique flavored jewelry. The less versatile buyer is captured in an aura of enchantment surrounding the sublime and obscure symbols.

Design and Range of Celtic Jewelry

The charm and chief attraction of Celtic jewelry is mostly owing to the mythological depictions that go into the design aspects. Captivating translations of oak leaves, crescent moons, dragons, knot works, boar heads and wheel of the year adorn the surfaces of intricately designed and artistically wrought surfaces of jewelry pieces. Celtic Jewelry range is amazingly wide to match multiple requirements. Studded with symbols and motifs, the jewelry pieces such as pendants, lockets, necklaces, book marks, cufflinks, brooches, charms, watches and warrior range of pieces capture the emotions of the buyer. You can eloquently express your moods and feelings through the hand crafted Celtic jewelry.

Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings are other unique priceless and timeless pieces of Celtic Jewelry. Romantic stories and folklore abound every piece of these Irish and Celtic rings. Claddagh symbolism in the design reflects love, loyalty and friendship. They can be very appropriate choices for wedding or friendship. The tradition has it that you can interpret several things from the very wearing style. Wearing it on left hand or right hand with the crown inwards or outwards explicitly proclaims the seriousness of the intended relations, or if the wearer is married or not.

Art and Symbolism

Celtic jewelry is a representation of living art, reinterpreted constantly both by the wearer and the creator. Its design is a romantic attempt to stay connected with one’s origins and past and making it relevant to the present. Obscurity enveloping the symbols is the chief enchantment of the jewelry. Origins of the rich art in the form of graphic manuscripts can be traced back to 4000 years of unbroken legacy. Ambiguity of the interpretation of the symbols is mainly due to the absence of any definitive meanings or origins of these symbols. People debate for generations about the meanings of these motifs and symbols most of which are still open for interpretation.

Popularity of the Genre

The extreme popularity of the genre Celtic jewelry around the world, and its promise of potential growth encourage the creators of the style to go for more innovative and imaginatively rendered recreations of the Celtic and Irish myths. A combination of the modernity with a touch of tradition is currently embraced.


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