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The Neon Trend Takes Over Swimwear

Updated on March 29, 2013

The neon trend, once associated with other discarded 80s trends like legwarmers and fingerless gloves, has made a comeback and is only gaining momentum. I personally love this trend. If you’ve been thinking about going neon but a little nervous to try this bright trend, accessories (like shoes) or makeup (like nail polish) are a good way to ease into this trend. But, living in Miami and constantly getting my tan on, I think swimsuits are the best way to try out this fun trend. From monokini to coverups and back to teeny bikinis, this summer, neon rules at the beach, the pool, and anywhere else you want to show off that tan you’re working on. Here’s some inspiration to start you on your journey for looking fabulous on the beach in bright hues this summer.

Anna Kosturova - Lattice Maillot Monokini
Anna Kosturova - Lattice Maillot Monokini | Source

I’ve found a monokini by Anna Kosturova that I love – the Lattice Maillot Monokini. This neon green suit is definitely unique – it’s a super sexy crochet swimsuit. No, these features are not a contradiction. Take a look, and you’ll be convinced. Additionally, the side cut-outs and patterns in the crochet are gorgeous. This monokini is a neon dream!

Sabz - Pink Breeze Bikini
Sabz - Pink Breeze Bikini | Source

I have also found a great suit by Sabz that plays into the neon trend. Their Pink Breeze bikini is a hot pink over a print. This suit reminds me of Barbie, in a good way. I also am super-partial to bandeau bikinis, as there’s nothing like a golden tan on your shoulders and collarbones with NO LINES. I recommend this suit for the girly girl who wants to stray from your normal pastel floral prints.

Tangerine Scrunched Bikini - The Orchid Boutique
Tangerine Scrunched Bikini - The Orchid Boutique | Source

Another awesome neon bikini is the Tangerine Scrunched Bikini, by Orchid Label. Nothing flatters like a classic string triangle bikini, and this suit has really cute ruffle detail on the bust. You will definitely get noticed in this gorgeous (and bright!) tangerine-hued suit. As if that wasn’t enough awesomeness for one bikini, this suit also has ruching in the back, and is cut Brazilian style for a tan bum.

Luli Fama - Wild Mermaid Bikini
Luli Fama - Wild Mermaid Bikini | Source

Feeling brave? Try shining in a bright neon, and add some sequins for extra shine. The Wild Mermaid bikini by Luli Fama is a gorgeous, bright turquoise bikini that will make you glitter as if you just swam up from sea. This teeny bikini offers a string bottom with Brazilian coverage and a triangle top. Don’t be shy! Go bright or go home!

Vitamin A - Mojito Romper
Vitamin A - Mojito Romper | Source

Even when you veer off the beach, make sure to cover yourself in a neon. Try Vitamin A’s Mojito Romper. It’s in a light, breezy fabric in a bright greenish-yellow color. This super comfortable, strapless romper is the perfect neon addition to your beach wardrobe. I’m sure you can already picture yourself at a beach bar, the mint leaves being crushed in front of you…

There’s a million ways to wear this fun color trend. Hopefully this piece will serve as inspiration if you’d like to try this trend at the beach. Don’t forget your sunblock, though. I said neon, not lobster-red!


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