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The Omega Planet Ocean

Updated on March 26, 2012

Omega Planet Ocean

Have the most amazing watch adorn your wrist—the OMEGA PLANET OCEAN. Feel luxurious with its impressive look and versatile features. You’d never want to wear any other watch again!

From the makers of the deluxe Omega Constellation—a long line of collection that withstands time and age and still bears that classical look that lasts for many decades comes a new collection which can be used by adventurers of the sea. The Omega Seamaster is a group of timepieces which water lovers would surely utilize. It has been long recognized by divers and sea farers from around the globe. As for now, there are many Seamaster products that have been released. The latest ones evoke the value of style and substance when it comes to uniqueness and versatility.

The newest addition to the luxurious Omega Family brand, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is a diver’s watch with the most striking look. It is fashionable to wear in and out of the water, from formal to casual occasions, with the wearer not missing out the functionality and elegance given off by this timepiece. Omega never fails to impress with their every release of watch line, and this, is no exception.

Basing the design to modernity and function, this sea diver’s watch has two available diameters-- 42 and 45.5 mm. These oversized watch looks are mainly the most contemporary style of timepieces. Riding along the trend is Omega, also creating the more visible hand dials which they call the Broad Arrow. Both minute and hour hands has an avante garde arrow style look that indicates time more clearly than any other dial.

This contemporary timepiece can be found in two colors: orange and black version. The black version is consisted of a dark brown bracelet and black face, essential for every modern men. The orange however, has been considered for its unique color which can be seen vividly when underwater. Both styles have an alligator skin type of bracelets, which can be customized according to the user’s preferences. For example, the black version can be alternated with a stainless steel bracelet which can be used for the formal occasions.

Omega has always provided us with the watches that are made with quality and style. Each models ha a rubber straps which are very comfortable to wear on informal occasions or when in water. The steel bracelet on the other hand, has a smooth finish and a polished surface, made with the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean folding clasps. Also, this particular timepiece has a diameter of 45.5, which makes the face readable even while diving. That is why it is a great company when under the sea. When it comes to luminescence, Omega is the name to trust. This brand has been relied on by top clients for years and is continually serving more people who still trust by its name. Its face can be read without difficulty in daylight, in the water, or at nighttime.

The Seamaster Planet has a certified chronometer that can work even up to the depth of 600 meters. It has a bezel that rotates in only one direction, so it is also helpful for divers to calculate their diving times. This bezel makes it easier for elapsed time to be read. Powered by a Co-Axial Escapement motion, you can be sure that this watch has the accuracy and balance when it comes to giving time.  Being true its name, the Seamaster Planet is meant to accompany every sea lover in his activities. It is a timepiece that suits the aqua loving lifestyle.

This Omega release is both trendy and classical. Even though the face diameter is larger than its predecessors, it keeps style at hand at the same time with fascinating functionality. Combined with the alternatives for every user’s desire for style—whether it’s formal occasion, adventure, or just a casual fashion, they’ll enjoy the uniqueness and the luxury only an Omega Watch can give.

Due to its larger time face, the Seamaster is definitely constructed with strength, durability and power. Its massiveness goes along with its formidable size, yet this assures the resilience of the timepiece’s machinery that relies on such weight. This watch is meant for the stronger hands that are able to carry such power and uniqueness at a regular basis. Bezels are made for easy reading and also easier grip.

An omegawatch is a unique timepiece to keep. Whether you are in a distinct working class or in a sea adventurer, these watches will sure keep you in style and in time. You can find many consumers overwhelmed with this watch by reading planet ocean review articles on the internet. If you are still in the search for that timekeeping piece to keep you company, why not try looking into these pieces by Omega and see for yourself? You’ll definitely be impressed!


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