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The Pandora Charm Bracelet

Updated on July 21, 2013

Unique Pandora Charms

The Pandora charm bracelet is a very fashionable piece of jewelry, which is worn by many women to reflect their individuality.

It all begins with the choice of bracelet with a unique Pandora clasp which looks like a charm itself. There are four options available when choosing which bracelet you would like, including sterling silver, gold, leather and fabric. You can choose the style you prefer keeping in mind the type of charms and pendants you will later add to it. Prices will vary between the four bracelets, with gold being the obvious expensive option. Despite its popularity, there are also alternatives to the Pandora brand, which are known to be of a very good style and quality.

The most commonly worn Pandora bracelet amongst ladies is the sterling silver as it is a very neutral color and suits many other accessories.

The Pandora Charms

To compliment you Pandora charm bracelet, there are many charms and pendants to choose from, making it a hard decision to decide. The wide variety of charms include silver, gold, duo-tone, glass, wood, enamel, with or without stone or a combination of a few of these.

The beauty of choosing your charms and customising your bracelet is that you can choose charms which represent someone or something in your life. It has become the newest way to express your individuality.

The Pandora bracelet makes for a nice and meaningful gift and you can also gift someone a charm to add to their charm bracelet.

The Pandora Website

The Pandora website gives you access to view their fashionable product line and find a Pandora jewelry dealer near you. An exciting feature they offer on their website is an interactive charm bracelet designer, which allows you to select and customise a bracelet and charms online. This feature is very helpful because you can choose what you like in the comfort of your home before entering a jewelry store. Each time you select a charm and add it to the bracelet, it automatically adds up the price for you to help give you a quote of the price.

You can try this amazing feature at


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