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The Perfect Fit Button As Seen On TV

Updated on July 20, 2010

The Perfect Fit Button As Seen On TV

So one thing that happens to me every year, and I am completely going to blame it on the washing machine instead is I gain weight.  It has been happening for the past few years and until I can really commit to a diet I am probably either going to stay where I am at or continue to grow.  The issue is that I find clothes that I love that fit my current body, especially this pair that I found on my work trip to London at this little clothes shop in Soho, then I eat to much for a few weeks and "wash them in the washing machine and dry them in the dryer" they shrink in the dryer (because I obviously didn't gain weight from eating and not exercising) and so I only have a couple options.  Diet and get back in them only to out grow them again in a week or two or try to stretch them out without ripping or tearing them. 

The thing is that every time I wanted to get these jeans back on after I would wash them, they would never want to button across the top correctly.  The legs could stretch easy but the waist and button was something that wouldn't work.  That's when I found a product that I haven't actually seen on tv but turns out to be an As Seen On TV Product.  The Perfect Fit Button. 

The Perfect Fit Button not only allows you to expand or even shrink your waist down in seconds, but you also don't need to go to the tailors to have your pants altered so that they will fit.  The way that The Perfect Fit Button works is that you take the front part of The Perfect Fit Button and pass it through your pants.  Then you take the back piece of the Perfect Fit Button and slide it onto the back of the post. 

The Perfect Fit Button is sort of like an earring where you have the front that has the gemstone or design on it, then a post and then a sharp pointed back with a little divet in it.  Just like with an earring, The Perfect Fit Button slides through the front and back flaps of fabric just like it goes through your ear, the front panel of the perfect fit button looks like a normal or designer button and then there is a back clasp that is specially designed to fit onto the post and lock in place so it doesn't slip and fall off.  To be honest it is pretty genius to use this type of button and clasp for a button to help expand or shrink your pants waist in an instant. 

My first reaction was that this is really cool.  Then when I saw that you end up sort of having two buttons visible since you have the regular pants button and now the Perfect Fit Button button I had thought that maybe this wasn't such a good idea.  Then I realized that most of the time I don't have my shirt tucked in so when I was worried about a second button showing I realized it wouldn't matter since my buttons never actually show and that is why I really ended up falling in love with the idea behind the Perfect Fit Button. 

The Perfect Fit Button is an awesome idea and Telebrands should be extremely proud of finding this one and producing an infomercial for it.  Although I didn't get to see the infomercial for The Perfect Fit Button, I did go to and get is so that I could show it to you all and show you that The Perfect Fit Button is not only a really cool looking As Seen On TV product, but one that I think in theory should work pretty well. 


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