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The Power Of The Feminine | Petticoats For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

Pretty Petticoats For Men

Pretty petticoats, the type that flounce and bounce when the wearer spins are something of a garment gone by (unless you happen to be an avid dancer,) but there's a sector of society not ready to let them go gently into the quiet fashion night just yet, and that sector is mostly made up of men.

Gasp in shock and horror if you will, but this is but one representation of the growing male appreciation of femininity. Perhaps as women, we sometimes take our femininity and the raw power associated with it for granted. We grow up privileged in the world, preferred in times of danger. Think of the old catch cry. 'Women and children first!' Men grow up knowing that they will one day become the disposable chaps left out of that sentiment.

Masculinity comes with indisputable advantages, when I was a girl I wanted to be a boy because it seemed like they could have more fun. They could climb tall trees without anyone flipping out, they could stay out late, they were inexplicably trusted with heavy machinery. However in the world at large, as an adult, there are distinct advantages to being female I wouldn't give up for the world. But, like many women, I can't claim to use even a skerrick of the power that comes with being feminine. I could wear low cut tops, paint my face, totter about in high heels and bat my lashes for what I want. I could sashay about the place in sultry attire, bending those around me to my will. I don't generally play those games, but regardless I'll probably get pushed into a lifeboat first should I be on a sinking ship for no reason other than the fact that I have a couple of X chromosomes.

So its no wonder that some men admire femininity in all its forms. It's no wonder most fashion designers are men, able to free their minds and appreciate femininity and prettiness beyond what is currently fashionable, unlike some women who unfortunately simply follow trends and sneer down their noses at those unable or unwilling to toe the latest fashion line. (Am I giving women too hard a time? Perhaps, and there are those reprobates such as myself who are a little more fashion liberated, but most fascist clothing hardliners are women, so I address them quite often. Sue me. Actually don't.)

You won't see many women wearing these petticoats any time soon, but you may just see a few chaps. Ladies, even if you don't understand, even if you can't be bothered expending the brain power to understand, at least try to withhold judgment. For on the other side of the fence, the grassy fields you take for granted are truly green.


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    • profile image

      CarolAnn 7 months ago

      Very Feminine!-

    • profile image

      NYLONLOVER 8 years ago




    • profile image

      Ian 8 years ago

      I love to wear petticoats and full slips.Its best to wear multiple slips as it feels so good.

    • profile image

      chevy34_00 8 years ago

      I enjoy wearing petticoats because they are pretty and fun to wear.

    • profile image

      Fluffy 8 years ago

      That was really nicely said. Thanks. I can so relate to the admiration of femininity as you describe it. Petticoats can be so beautiful and sensual.

    • profile image

      Mary 8 years ago

      Full slips are still worn by some women but unfortunatly the women who wear them are over 50 or in some religious order. Half slips are still worn by younger women who use them to hide their modesty on some of their transparent dresses. I too would like to see more women and men wearing slips and petticoats.

    • profile image

      GoneNylon 8 years ago

      Once again, Hope, you've pressed your fingers to another beating pulsepoint of the lingerie fascination. Petticoats. They, along with corsetry, probably represent the pinnacle of "femininity" in fashion. I hesitate to use the word "fetish," because the appreciaiton so many men bring to these garments is so much more than fetishism. It borders on reverence.

      The petticoat is feminine, indeed, and plays on visual cues that probably drill all the way down into the male limbic brain. Although seemingly little more than froth, they attract the eye to the bottom in truly primal ways.

      The "French Maid," of fetish fame speaks to all manner of hidden desires. Hetero guys love the look and men who enjoy lingerie see the petticoats underneath such an ensemble as a veritable reference point for what men CAN'T have, as you've so ably noted.

      The Can-Can of French fame speaks to those primal urges in a most direct way and is, of course, only what it is because of the beautiful women in petticoats and ruffled panties.

      The petticoated "poodle" skirts of the 1950s, with that bit of lace or crinoline or eyelet playing peek-a-boo with the hemline drove duck-tailed boys with leather jackets and James Dean ambitions utterly mad with longing.

      Like I said, this particular item of feminine undergear runs like a hot wire straight to most of what fires the cylinders on the male drivetrain.

    • profile image

      phil 8 years ago

      once again you are correct, hope. I adore petticoats. and I agree ,since women have been used to these things,they have taken their fashion freedom for granted and don't fully appreciate fem things. Also they have been brainwashed with this ,be equal to a man. Act and dress in masculine styles. I have always held that although it is not proclaimed, WOMEN are superior. And someone to be admired and copied.

    • profile image

      Cyndie_D 8 years ago

      Petticoats are a wonderful expression of femininity that was a standard in girls and ladies fashion in the 50's and 60's. Too bad the only time we see them now is in wedding dresses and fromal gowns. If you would like to see people, women and men, wearing petticoats, try this site:

      Thanks Hope