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The Precious Aura Of Vintage Cufflinks

Updated on March 20, 2011

Vintage Cufflinks Put Modern Ones To Shame

 There are many new and modern designs of cufflinks to choose from, they simply cannot offer the wonderous nostalgic value of vintage cufflinks. There is something very special about the old world craftsmanship of vintage cufflinks that the modern, machine manufactured cufflinks simply can't touch! Vintage cufflinks are in their own special niche, and their magnificence is unparalleled.

There can be no doubt that vintage cufflinks are timeless, precious and strikingly beautiful heirlooms. They are a symbol of the devotion, care and love that craftsmen of a long gone era applied towards their art. Vintage cufflinks have a story to tell which can go back decades or even more than a century, thus they are entitled to respect and dutiful, careful handling. Many vintage cufflinks are exceptionally rare finds and some of them may be the last surviving sets of their kind.

Vintage cufflinks crafted from precious gold coins can be almost priceless!
Vintage cufflinks crafted from precious gold coins can be almost priceless!

Victorian Era Vintage Cufflinks Are Extremely Valuable

 If you're lucky enough to have in your possession gold Victorian era vintage cufflinks, some of them can be worth hundreds of dollars. If they contain diamonds, then their price at auction can go well into the thousands! Not all valuable vintage cufflinks are gold, however, as there are many late Victorian vintage cufflinks that are made from platinum and their price can be considerably higher than their gold counterparts.

An experienced jewelry historian or collector can identify the exact era that the particular vintage cufflinks were manufactured, and in some cases you could be surprised as to how old that set of vintage cufflinks really is! Generally, the eras of cufflink design differentiation break down into calendar decades, but sometimes they carry over into another decade as a particular style was so popular that it held off its own passing.

These Chinese vintage cufflinks are handcarved entirely from ivory, and they date from circa 1890.
These Chinese vintage cufflinks are handcarved entirely from ivory, and they date from circa 1890.

London, Paris, NYC Are Vintage Cufflinks Centers

Gold cufflinks are often the most popular and sought after mens cufflinks and the vintage and antique collector will do almost anything to get their hands on a very rare cuff link. Some of the major centers of the world are vintage cufflink capitals. London, for instance, is the vintage and antique Cufflinks UK center, and Paris is the main stop in France.

Of course you don't have to fly overseas in your search for vintage cufflinks. New York is a major center of vintage and antique cufflink auction, so if you are seeking a gorgeous set of American vintage cufflinks, NYC is the place to go.

Vintage gold cufflinks are an extremely wise investment, as a truly great vintage cufflink will keep appreciating in value over time. Vintage cufflinks and their older and more precious and expensive counterparts, the antique cufflinks, are ardently desired by seekers of antique and vintage cufflinks for special personal collections.

There are many types of vintage cufflinks with extremely high collector values. Vintage watch cufflinks, vintage typewriter key cufflinks, and vintage swank cufflinks are always in high demand and fetch high prices: These are among the most rare and valuable vintage cufflinks. Once you have been won over by the allure of vintage cufflinks, new cufflinks will surely lose their appeal!

Typewriter keys were very popular items to make vintage cufflinks from!
Typewriter keys were very popular items to make vintage cufflinks from!

Vintage Cufflinks Make A Truly Elegant Gift

 Vintage cufflinks are make a wonderful gift for almost any occasion, but be aware that the truly great examples will not come cheap! But they're worth every penny!

Extremely Unusual And Highly Collectible Vintage Cufflinks

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      5 years ago

      cufflinksman is the leading online store

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      6 years ago

      Hi all,

      Seems a French seller offers ( in french, but you can translate with google) ) a good selection of vintage and antique cufflinks.

      They ship everywhere:


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