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The REAL Guide to Makeup

Updated on April 19, 2012

Every girl struggles with her appearance at least once in her lifetime. We waste countless dollars and hours trying to find our idea of perfection. Once you start, it's pretty much all downhill.

Mascara. I have probably spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on mascara in my lifetime. If I only knew now what I didn't know back then, I would be a lot happier now. I used to have the most thick and long eyelashes; they were gorgeous! Well guess what? I ruined them with mascara. I have come to find that the worst kinds of mascara to use are the really liquidy ones. These are the worst kind because they are extremely difficult to take off, and make your eyelashes really brittle. NEVER sleep with your mascara on. When you sleep, your face rubs against the pillow and it can cause your eyelashes to break off and get all messed up. especially if you use liquidy mascara. It's aggravating when you have a friend whose eyelashes always look a.m.a.z.i.n.g. and so you go out and buy whatever mascara she uses then get disappointed when the look is not the same. Sometimes you will find that a mascara just doesn't work the same after you have been using it for awhile and this is because the product is getting old and your are just used to the same ol way that your eyelashes look everyday and tired of it. It definitely helps to find at least two different kinds that you really like so you can switch it up every now and then. Three very very important things to ALWAYS remember:
1. The same mascara never looks the same on different people
2. You should always carry around new, disposable mascara applicators. That way, if a friend has a really awesome mascara, you can try it out without having to share applicators (germs) and without having to waste your money on a mascara that might not work.
3. Never pump the applicator in and out of the tube more than once. When you need to get more mascara on the brush, twirl the applicator around to swipe the edges of the tube inside. If you pump the applicator in and out, you are getting air inside the tube and it causes your mascara to dry out.

Eyelash curlers work sometimes but you gotta make sure you don't have a cheap one. The cheap ones pull your eyelashes out. Use the curler before you put mascara on. If you put it on after mascara and you have several coats on then you risk a few eyelashes breaking off. I recommend heating the metal part of the eyelash curler up with a lighter for a couple of seconds just long enough to make it warm so it sort of works like a mini curling iron. Test the heat with your finger first.

Eyeshadow. Never ever ever ever ever get the cheap eyeshadow that is made out of sticky gel like substances. They never look the way you want them to and they ALWAYS crease in your eyelids. What you get stuck with is annoying eyeshadow all day long that keeps bothering you everytime you blink because your eyelid gets sticky. If you want a good quality eyeshadow, it's worth it to spend a few extra dollars. Liquid eyeshadows rarely work unless you get the kind that are more creamy than liquidy. Bed Head makes a super awesome creamy eyeshadow. The liquidy kind are going to spread thin and dry funky.

Eyeliner. This is the one item you should always have with you. Eyeliner is the best thing to have for a quick and easy fix-me-up. You might experience with a few different kinds until you find the best one for your preference, but once you find the one you like most, you should probably only buy that kind. There is nothing worse than getting ready to do your makeup for the day with a brand new eyeliner and discovering that you hate it. The pencils that you have to sharpen usually don't work because they never sharpen the way you want to, they always make a big mess, and the pieces that didn't sharpen right stab your eyelid when you try to apply it. Liquid eyeliners are usually best for the top lid only. If you apply them on the bottom, they usually wear off or run a little bit. I personally like the ones that are like skinny crayons with a plastic cap and body. Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner in Onyx is the best eyeliner I have ever used. It always goes on perfectly because the pencil is skinny and it never smudges or wears off during the day. When you are putting on your eyeliner, start off minimal and work your way up to boldness. You can always add more but you might have to start over if you start off with too much. When I apply mine, I carefully put it on the inside bottom lid above the lashes so I don't ever get that smudgy raccoon look under my bottom eyelashes.

Face products. Here's a little secret that no company would ever want you to know. They design their products so that you may or may not get the desired results, but most importantly, they add harsh chemicals that just make your face worse everytime you use it. Why? So you keep going back and spending more and more money to get products to clear your complexion.

Liquid Makeup Removers. I swear by these. Only get the oil free kind. Neutrogena has a pretty good kind. These are so handy if you make a tiny smudge or mistake during makeup application. The trick is to dip a Qtip in the bottle just a tiny bit so that it doesn't make a big wet spot on your skin when you touch the Qtip to it. You just put a little on the Qtip, enough so you can erase your error as easily as you made it. This stuff also works for total removal.

Please remember that this information is just based off of my personal opinions and experiences. I make regular updates when I come up with new thoughts. =]

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