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The Radical Adida Springblade Shoe!

Updated on July 31, 2013

The concept is to design a runner shoe that propels the user forward and less energy. And by looking at them, they must because each shoe is perched on nine plastic blades, each a different length and serve a different purpose. In use, they return energy horizontally not vertically, so you spring forward but not up. Runners will love the bouncy feel. The blades themselves are elastic and flex and a pair of shoes consists of 32 polymer blades.

The cantilevered blades are less than .25 in. thick at some places. The front and rear blades cover the width of the show, while in between there are seven pairs of smaller blades of about 1.5 in. wide.

The shoe is for running rather than on the court and best on concrete or asphalt, Testing this new design required thousands of miles of runs and stress tests and thousands of vertical compression. The polymer blades do not wear any faster than the usual shoe sole and did not break off. The Adidas Team spent more than six years trying to find materials which were durable and energy-efficient enough to make the concept a reality. Each blade is precisely tuned in geometry, thickness and position for each phase of a runner’s stride to provide support and a full range of movement. Springblade’s flexible construction was designed to hug the top of a runner’s foot and make take-offs faster.

I guess only the consumer will be able to confirm what this new shoe does at $180 a pair.


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