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The Right Hair Extensions for your Senegalese Twists

Updated on January 2, 2013

Benefits of using the right Hair Extensions

There are two factors that need consideration when deciding upon a new hairdo. As well as getting the right style right for you that enhances your features; the type of hair extensions to incorporate with the hairstyle is of equal importance.

The right extensions will make the style 'pop' (look sensational). It would be pointless to choose extensions that were difficult to maintain or did not hold the style. Experience shows that care needs to be given when choosing the right extensions in order to compliment your hairstyle.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions come in a range of lengths, textures and colours. The key is getting the right hair type for your chosen hairstyle. As well as making your hairstyle look fabulous, you want it to look neat and well maintained.

There are many textures available, and it is not always the case of you get what you pay for.

Hair extensions are generally available in either 'real' or 'synthetic'. My experience with real hair has been a love/hate dilemma. I have found most are over priced and it tend to lose its initial sheen and can look in bad shape after a wash.

Ultimately, I have settled for synthetic hair simply because the techniques used to produce hair extensions have come on in leap and bounds! You can pretty much do the same to synthetic hair as you can to real hair, but with better results.

Synthetic (Kanakelon) Hair

Kanekalon is a synthetic product commonly used for Senegalese Twists. It originates from Japan and gives the best look for this particular style.

Kanekalon is soft and easy to braid and twist with. It seals in warm water and still retains the silkiness. i have found that It washes well and looks so much like afro-carribean hair after it has been hot combed.

Another great benefit about this hair type is that it comes in a range of colours; you can have some highlights to really make heads turn.

A single packet of Kanekalon Hair Extensions


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