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The Season of Leggings & Yoga Pants is Upon Us

Updated on May 2, 2016
Does anyone else notice her back looks photoshopped?
Does anyone else notice her back looks photoshopped?

Leggings and yoga pants have sprung across campus. This trend has let women of all different shapes and sizes feel comfortable while showing off their legs and butt. The variety of styles and fabrics have allowed this apparel to be worn for nearly any occasion. This stretchy apparel can be the easiest item to put on; however, women must understand the importance of wearing leggings and yoga pants properly.

Nattie’s NONOs: lines, See through fabric, lint disasters, wrong occasion

The dreaded visible panty line (VPL) is the most common mistake among legging and yoga pants fans. The way your underwear appears through your pants is often overlooked, but once noticed, it is never forgotten. Opt for non visible underwear (with very thin fabric), or if your feeling ballsy then wear nothing!

Caption: The VPL lets everyone know what panties you have on, how big they are, and even how thick they are! Besides, a smooth behind is sexy!

See through fabric: Spandex leggings are preferred during the Summer and Spring. The sun lets everyone see through your cotton leggings. In other words, we can see everything. Spandex yoga pants not only shapes your body (making your thighs and butt appear more firm) but the fabric is thick enough to hide your undergarments as well.

Lint Disasters: As with almost anything black, lint and hair become a problem on leggings and yoga pants. Personally, I have cats and the white fur gets everywhere! I have found that spandex leggings are the easiest fur-free fabric. Cotton leggings and tights often attract more lint, and animal fur. These tidbits of dust and fur are way more noticeable in sunny weather, so be careful during Spring and Summer!

What Occasion: Leggings and yoga pants are so comfortable it’s easy to wear them just about everywhere. Keep these events in mind next time you get dressed.

Spandex yoga pants: Any athletic activity, school

paired with: hoodies, athletic jacket (north face fleece/rain jacket)

Plain cotton/polyester shirt.

Athletic shoes such as Nike runners.

Cotton Leggings: Going out, school, meetings

Paired with: dresses, patterned shirts with unique fabrics, skirts

vans. boots. heels.

Nattie’s NONO: Be careful not to wear the same leggings all the time. It can look dirty and lazy

For the record, I break these rules all the time.

Where do you wear yoga pants?

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© 2016 Natalie Wheeler


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