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The Secret Behind a Purse .

Updated on March 14, 2014

In our quest for endless trends,purses are the most common topics in the world of fashion .With its different structures ,colors and forms ,It has a great impact on every woman .What is the secret behind purses ? What are the different types of purses ? What are the psychological meanings of wearing a specific purse?


The historical background of the word "purse" comes from the Medieval Latin bursa which means" a leather purse" especially for carrying money ;while from Greek brysa means "hide, leather." Purse strings ,figurative for "control of money" is from the early 15c. In English it means " bag made of leather."As history continues adding up significant meaning for the word ,from all over the world , It is concluded that the meaning is focused mostly on a figurative piece of leather that we carry to put things inside. A woman's role was largely domestic and she would keep her belongings into the folds of her clothes. While in the modern world, late 19th and early 20th,the popularity of fashionable purses,handbags and luggage has developed .Today's most luxurious ones such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci ,Prada ,Hermes and others makes millions of dollars .These are women's best friends and since women have become financially independent so the handbag industry flourished out of all proportion to its humble origins

A woman's choice of an ideal handbag has to be taken quite seriously. Selected females have no dilemma paying really a bit of cash on the excellent purse, that satisfies their needs. From designer purses to adorable handbags a stylish purse just is unable to passed up. Throughout decades designers have come with a lot of more expensive handbags. But for every designer there is a lady all set to obtain his/her designed purse . Women ,while reading magazines, have an initial peek on what a particular purse superstar is carrying .This adds a plus mark to our required list of what to wear and what to carry for an excellent outlook. Our handbags have our most beneficial equipment.

On a questionnaire made about Why do Women like purses, there was a set of different answers :

1-They are cute ,elegant and they show your feminine side. Plus it is an accessory used to hide and put everything that comes in your mind.

2-Purses are women's major weak point.

3-It is related to the fashion trend, necessary for items, make-up and private stuff.

4-They are women's best friend,they save your keys,documents, money and sometimes secrets.

5-They make an outfit more complete and stylish.

6-They show your overall image as a cute ,elegant lady.

What are the different types of purses?

1-Wallets which are hard or soft ,with zippers or snaps; they have compartments for coins,credit cards and cash money.

2-Box which is a bag shaped purse,rectangle or square shell or wooden handle.

3-Tote is a strapping and rectangular bag with an open top and two strap handles. It has many compartments inside.

4-Velvet is a rich, lustrous fabric used for evening bags.

5-Atheltic bag which is a soft,roomy bag used to carry sporting equipment and apparel to the gym.

6-Fligh bag used for people who carry belongings aboard a plane.

7-Pouch is a straight fashionable evening bag.

8-Bag pack is a bag supported by the shoulders with handles and lies across the back.

Women always take their valuables and essentials with them in purses ,but psychologically what are they bringing with such ritualistic accuracy ? According to different theories the choice of colors is a symbol that a woman has extroverted what's left of her value . her purse ,in much the same way as she dresses, attempts to give an idea oh her success .

Black for instance ,signifies sophistication that dominates the whole outlook . Blue purses connote trust and dependability. While Orange purses are associated with fairness and affordability ,pink purses symbolize tranquility and fairness. Red purses show passion and ambition to keep on moving . Yellow purses symbolize happiness ,creativity and a strong personality while burgundy is associated with rich and refined people.

We carry our purses almost everyday we go out. They are the most beneficial equipment to throw all items that women need and help save ourselves an entire whole lot of funds. The more adorable the purse is, the more compliments women get and that's related to the connection of satisfaction and needs. But the way the suitable bag can make us feel goes far deeper than just being a way of carrying things around.


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    • Soraya Y profile image

      Soraya Y 3 years ago from Atlanta

      Thank you everyone, glad that you are all enjoying the articles

    • Adriennemarie profile image

      Adrienne Lawton 3 years ago from Deptford, NJ

      This is a very interesting, informative article. I personally am a shoe girl. I absolutely can not resist shoes. I feel that the reasons cited for women loving purses and finding them irresistible are the same reasons women feel the same way about shoes.

    • profile image

      Rasha Ghosn 3 years ago

      Hermès Bag From 'Blue Jasmine' Cost More Than The Film's Entire Costume Budget... But still I loved it ;) Most women prefer wearing black bags since they go with all colours and whatever style the woman is wearing. According to me, bags have always been the final and most sensitive touch that will affect the entire look. It will either finalise it successfully or end it up as a disaster. Can you imagine a lady going to a luxurious night dinner carrying with her a sports or casual bag! Or a lady going to the beach carrying a Cartier square business bag! Moreover, every occasion, place and time has the look that goes with it. And a bag is not just an accessory, it summarises the lady carrying it, by reflecting her personality, her taste, her direction to the place she's going to and her social standard in some cases. Finally, I enjoyed reading this article so much and I find it perfectly informative about one of the most used items in our daily life that represents us to people before we even represent ourselves as it is most of the time on our side carrying our most important documents and necessities as women and even as men.

    • profile image

      Adam 3 years ago

      Very interesting. ...never knew that purses were this important to women....

    • profile image

      BlueSeaK 3 years ago

      Very engaging article

    • profile image

      sala 3 years ago

      very interesting article i enjoyed reading it

    • profile image

      Fadia 3 years ago

      For every woman who is passionate about purses, I recommend reading this article. It's very informative and interesting one.