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The Shape-Shaping Miracle Of Miraclesuit Swimwear

Updated on March 20, 2011

Miraclesuit Swimwear Can Hide A Multitude Of Faults

Miraclesuit swimwear is a new style of bathing suit that actually can make you appear ten pounds lighter. Miraclesuit swimwear is made of a special enhanced lycra called Miratrex that provides three times more support than a normal bathing suit. Miraclesuit swimwear is designed somewhat like a corset in order to eliminate bulges, all while looking stylish.

The one piece swimsuit is making a fashionable comeback! This is great news for women of generous proportions who prefer to cover more of their bodies. A one piece bathing suit may be modest, but it doesn't have to be boring or ugly.

There's A Miraclesuit Swimwear To Suit Every Woman's Shape

The success of Miraclesuit swimwear is attributed to both its fashionable style and improved support. Design choices range from traditional and simple to sexy and modern while still providing ample coverage.

Through intelligent stylish design, a Miraclesuit judiciously hides and shapes those ample curves!
Through intelligent stylish design, a Miraclesuit judiciously hides and shapes those ample curves!

There is a style of Miraclesuit swimwear to suit every body type. Whether it's wide hips, short legs, a large stomach or a big bust, there is a style to flatter your figure. The different cuts of each swimsuit are designed to correct or enhance a woman's figure while slenderizing hips, minimizing waists or decreasing or increasing a bust. There are designs to make a short woman appear taller. There are also designs that add curves or minimize them. The key is to pick a style that is right for your body type.

Miraclesuit swimwear offers tankinis, a range of classy sarongs as well as one piece suits. Miraclesuit swimwear comes in many cup cup sizes, including D and DD for women with ample bosoms. You will also find suits that are for longer torsos of tall women.

In order for your Miraclesuit swimwear to work for your body type, you need choose the right size and style. You can find a complete sizing and style guide online that offers recommendations of designs for your body as well as advice for picking the most suitable swimwear features.

It is extremely important that your Miraclesuit swimwear size corresponds with their sizing chart. If you go ahead an order your regular swimsuit size, the shape definition will not be successful. The simwear may be too large or tight which will not give you the desired shape you're looking for. Ordering a size that is too small will not give you more support and it will make you very uncomfortable!

Miraclesuit comes in many extremely elegant and attractive styles!
Miraclesuit comes in many extremely elegant and attractive styles!

Miraclesuit Swimwear Is Great For BBWs!

One piece swimwear has traditionally been the swimwear of choice for adult ladies who would not want to squeeze into the type of ladies swimwear exemplified by the fashionable younger styles such as ViX swimwear. There are countless styles of swimwear for women
which can complement and compliment the adult female form. Don't forget to pick up some baby swimwear as the little ones need to get out to the beach just as much as we do!

Miraclesuit swimwear has been a revelation for the real woman who doesn't exactly resemble a supermodel. Miraclesuit tankini swimwear is extremely alluring as the tankini gives the two piece the coverage of a one piece while retaining that unique bikini style.

For those more ample female forms, Miraclesuit plus size swimwear is also available and it does an extra great job at hiding any undue curves. Miraclesuit swimwear plus size is styled just as wonderfully and attractively as the conventional Miraclesuits swimwear, so it helps to give the BBW woman who needs a Miraclesuit swimwear size that's a big larger than average even greater confidence to step out on the beach or pool side.

This level of design and quality does not come cheap, so many women try to find Miraclesuit swimwear on sale to stretch their Miraclesuite swimwear budget (and how suite it is to save money!) Look for a Miraclesuit swimwear sale or a Miraclesuit swimwear clearance at brick and mortar retail outlets or at online web etailers to find fantastic discount Miraclesuit swimwear!

The Miraclesuit is perfect for the larger sized woman!
The Miraclesuit is perfect for the larger sized woman!

Miraclesuit Swimwear Is Available Online & At Local Stores

 If you don't like to purchase swimwear online, there is a large selection of stores that carry Miraclesuit swimwear. Some of these stores include Eddie Bauer, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Nordtrom and Saks. You'll also find Miraclesuit swimwear online at or Both of these e-tailers ship internationally.

Miraclesuit swimwear gives you the confidence you need to enjoy time at the beach. Add a trendy of pair of sunglasses or a sexy hat to look your best!

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      Dailybikinis 7 years ago

      With the slogan: lose 10 lbs. in 10 seconds they have really made name throughout the last couple of years. They have market their swimsuit on numerous ways and appeared in all big magazines, like the Oprah magazine, Women's health, Vogue and many more. In the eyes of many women all over the world who hated buying swimsuits because of their problem areas the Miraclesuit is a god's send. There are multiple styles and designs for the Miraclesuit, there are ones with breast support by soft pads, underwires and foam bras. Pleating, draping, shirring and skirts accentuate your good features and hide your problem areas.