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The Shirt - A Dialogue, of Sorts

Updated on November 21, 2012

The Shirt

A  Dialogue of Sorts(or out of sorts)

DESIGNER:  I've created an extraordinary new fabric that never fades, snags, rips, tears or unravels. My dear, it will surely revolutionize fashion as we know it.

ASSISTANT:  Is that so?  And just why do you think the world of fashion would be interested in producing clothing with such an extended shelf life?

ASSISTANT:  Clothing is expected to be disposable.  Its purpose is to make you look incredibly fierce for a season, maybe two if it's a really extravagant piece of clothing, and then off it goes to some circular rack in a dank, dusty charity bazaar, or perhaps a landfill… not that I am equating one with the other, mind you. 

          I'm just saying clothing is not supposed to hang around ad infinitum. 

          Like the stars in the sky, and rap artists whose celebrity comes and goes with fad dances and harem pants, nothing is supposed to outlive dirt.

DESIGNER:  Well, how about value for a start?  

ASSISTANT:  Value?  Excuse me, but aren’t you drinking an 8.00 Latte?

DESIGNER:   Never mind that. Financially speaking, we live in very economically strained times.

ASSISTANT:  And that affects you in what way…pray tell? I’m dying to hear this.  I mean you are drinking an $8.00 cup of coffee.

DESIGNER:  Okay, okay, since you want to play the Devil’s Advocate. Think about how such a fabric could be a viable answer to Green alternatives, maybe clothing for the homeless?

ASSISTANT:  Clothing for the homeless?  -- Now you’ve gone too far.  Give me your cup.  What’s in that Latte?

DESIGNER:  What about fashions for the Military?

ASSISTANT:  Fashions for the Military?  You mean uniforms?

DESIGNER:  Sure.  Why not?  I can see it now, outfits…okay, uniforms done in various shades of plum and sage.

        This new cloth I’ve developed won’t stop bullets, but anything spilled on it will roll right off.  Cleaning bills are cut in half and there’s no unsightly rips or tears for them to worry about.

ASSISTANT:  (shaking her head) Unsightly rips?  You do know there’s a war going on, right?

DESIGNER:  You make me laugh.  As members of the fashion industry we are beacons of style everywhere.  We have just as much obligation to the environment as say, a Proctor and Gamble, or a Texaco.  Our capacity to affect trends in fashion and style is a symbol of our commitment to ingenuity. 

         We are completely capable we need only to step up to the plate.

ASSISTANT:  Yes, but, I don’t think we should feel obligated to delve into technology when we have no knowledge of what comes after A, B, and C in terms of development.

     Our job is to be committed to beautifying our little corner of the planet so people don't have to think about being green, or the war, or homelessness.

         When it comes to fashion, my dear maestro with a tape measure, the life span of a style, fabric, or finished piece of clothing is predestined, preordained…to be exact.  It has an expiration date, a shelf life – if you will.  That’s where our focus should be.

           Maybe you could hawk that revolutionary fabric to Ringling Brothers.


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