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How Busy Women Can Maintain Their Beauty With a Simple Nighttime Routine

Updated on September 2, 2015

When it comes to beauty, just like the majority of modern women today I am also preoccupied of having a healthy and bright complexion. After many years of using countless products for various skin conditions, specific to each age, I have come to appreciate more the benefits and uses of floral waters and natural seed oils, because of their natural properties.

It is a well-known fact that women are more down-to-earth and serious with their tasks, and more and more employers nowadays value that quality. This quality is very well backed up by a special care for our body and complexion.

Even though make up is not mandatory, a clear and bright complexion is. And it is so important because that is where we draw our confidence from and it dissipates most of our complexes. When a woman looks and feels confident in her skills and abilities, she can move mountains. And her appearance is her best business card.

Just like millions of women out there I am very busy too. On a weekly basis I have to work, do chores, wake up early in the morning, cook, do laundry, clean up around the house etc. but my physical appearance has always been my main concern and I’ve always made time for it.

If you add to that a child or two it seems almost impossible to be a woman, a mother and a wife at the same time but if you make a priority from taking care of yourself, everything else will fall off under the daily routine. There is time for everything!

A day has 24 hours for everyone and you too can do everything you set your mind to do. Looking good, healthy and confident may easily pass as the definition of a role-model for your kids or other women around you.

Over the long years of my teenage and into the life of a young adult, from pimples to the first fine wrinkles, I have learned to develop habits and rituals every night and morning to keep everything under control. It all started with the need of a routine and it ended up with me really enjoying it.

From my experience I can honestly say that the beauty rituals and daily routine can do wonders, not only for your complexion but for your mood as well.

I have also discovered that alongside good products, there are three more miraculous ingredients that can help your complexion look healthy and bright and you’ve probably heard about them countless times before. They are the 7-8 hours of sleep a night, at least 5 glasses of water and liquids a day and as little stress as possible. I won’t get into the details of how important these three aspects are on any human being’s health; because I’m sure you already know it.

My beauty routine happens every night and it only lasts as long as I want it to last, there’s no pressure on the time spent on it. Sometimes I feel like prolonging the moment, because it’s so nice to sit in front of a mirror and massage all the key points of my face with nourishing seed oil, and other times if I’m too sleepy or tired I make sure I still wash my face to remove any make up from my face and that the skin around the eyes is hydrated properly.

When you feel like skipping a night from the complexion hydration routine it’s important to see the bigger picture. Think of all the harm you’d do to your complexion when you feel like skipping the program! It may sound a bit dramatic but this type of neglect will only show when it’ll already be too late to repair the damage.

For such a routine to become a habit it needs to be done at least 2 weeks in a row. After that you’ll do it mechanically and you’ll feel like missing out on something very important if you’re not washing your face and hydrate it properly for one or two nights.

I am not saying there aren’t times when I can’t do my routine but I make sure that doesn’t happen more than 4 or 5 nights a year. The thought of looking old before time is reason enough to make it my #1 priority before going to sleep.

And now it is time I share with you all the night routine that helped me achieve a cleaner, healthier and softer complexion.

For the night beauty ritual you will need:

  1. A gentle cleanser, foam free.
  2. One sheet of paper towel.
  3. Floral water of your choice.
  4. Seed oil for the type of your complexion.

Steps to be followed:

  • Go to the bathroom, moist your face with a little warm water and then put a small drop of a gentle cleanser in your palms and wash your face gently (it can be a cleanser you prefer, like or tolerate). Then rinse off and always dry with a clean paper towel (the regular towel can store all sorts of bacteria after being used once and can cause breakouts and rashes).
  • Right after drying, spray on your face, neck and neckline as much floral water as you like and let it dry on its own. This way it has enough time to penetrate the skin and work on deeper levels. So far, my favorite floral waters are Lavender and Rose, they are both healing and toning and they smell amazing. Finding a good floral water is one of my favorite activities; I usually order online, after doing my research and reading all the product details and reviews.
  • When you feel the water has been completely absorbed (around 3-4 minutes) you can start applying the seed oil that meets all your complexion’s needs. The best seed oil for my mixt complexion is the Watermelon seed oil. It has a light texture; it keeps under control the production of sebum and it is non-comedogenic, being easily absorbed by the skin. All these features are great when you’re afraid of breakouts. Make sure you don’t exaggerate with the oil quantity you apply and make sure you spread it onto the neck and neckline as well. You’ll be grateful after the age of 35.
  • That’s it, you’re done! Ideally you would follow all these steps with a minimum of 30 minutes before going to bed, to give the floral water and oil a chance to penetrate the skin and regenerate and hydrate your complexion.

If you’re in a great hurry you can choose to apply only one of the two: the floral water or the seed oil, after washing your face. But never less! And as I said before, you’ll have to add to this ritual a good night sleep and minimize the stress levels in your life as well as drink as much water as you can on a daily basis.

What is your night routine and is it more complex or simpler than mine? What kind of products do you use? Feel free to comment below and share your experience with all women interested in looking and feeling great about themselves.


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