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The Skin Care Mistakes 90% of Women Tend to Make

Updated on November 30, 2010
skin care
skin care

Skin care is important,but have to be correct

Women apply more than four kinds of skin care products every day, if they apply each product twice in a day, then there would be about 3650 times in a year. Then how do they know their applying method is always right? Everyone should compare with each other in order to make sure they are not damaging their skin.

Mistakes 90% of women tend to make

Applying essential liquid
Wrong: directly apply on face
Applying essential liquid on their faces and then circling on whole faces. This method is not proper for essential liquid which contain active constituents.
Correct: using palm to rub in advance
Put some amount of essential liquid on the palm, make nose as the center line to both sides, divide entire face into forehead, face and chin to apply through the whole face, in the direction of lymph detoxification. Massage the skin further to improve intake and circulation.

Applying toner

Wrong: using hand to slap
Slapping toner directly using hand, it has a reverse effect if both hands are not clean.
Correct: using make up cotton to gently slap
Soak make up cotton into toner, along with the direction from the inside out, from the bottom up, gently slap on face and neck. Make nose as the center line, apply along horizontal direction. It is good to clean dead cells and making skin cleaner.

Applying skin care cream
Wrong: extensively apply on skin
Correct: slowly enlarge applying area
For letting skin easily absorb nutrition from the product, along with the opening direction of pores, pushing forward from the bottom up is very effective. First apply some onto chin, faces, forehead and tip of nose and then slowly spread on the skin from chin, through nose and forehead. Spread the cream from corners of mouth to up. If the product releases beautiful scents, this method makes nose enjoy the scent first.

Applying eye cream
Wrong: applying eye cream with horizontal direction
Applying eye cream horizontally increases the chances of hurting eye skin and getting crow’s feet.
Correct: press with finger pulp
Get some eye cream on finger pulp on the third finger, gently press on eye skin. From the outside eye corner to inside, clicking through like playing piano, apply cream onto eye skin. This is helpful in absorbing the cream, improving the blood circulation and eliminating dark circle.  Pay attention to the power, make it small and gentle.


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    • cyberwriter profile image

      cyberwriter 7 years ago from Beijing,China

      Yeah, some natural products are my favorites.

    • rpalulis profile image

      rpalulis 7 years ago from NY

      When we learn of harsh chemicals such as Triclosan or Formaldehyde in skin care products that are linked to all sorts of health issues, be argued that the amount of these ingredients are not enough to cause any harm; makes me laugh. Your opening sentence, "Women apply more than four kinds of skin care products every day, if they apply each product twice in a day, then there would be about 3650 times in a year." Everyone puts on a lot of stuff, point being, It's probably a good idea to know whats in these products. Excellent hub.