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The Spas you should visit at least once in your life

Updated on August 26, 2016

Oh, the stress, the routine, the rushes, the daily dramas... They are tough, and it is hard to find a solution to them. But sometimes little actions can help us tackle these ordinary problems. For example, what about dedicating some days of your holidays to getting away from it all and pampering yourself? We recommend you a series of wellness centres and spas you should visit once a year, or at least once in your life.

The best spas of Spain are categorised by drops, not by stars. The best one of them is located in Tenerife and has 3 drops. The rest of them do not have more than 2 drops, but we have to say that 2 drops mean high quality. We are talking about spas that offer much more than professional treatments and good facilities. They are spas that offer a complete wellness experience, spas where one could live forever.

Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque.- Luxury hotel in Tenerife which hosts the spa par excellence of the Canary Islands. Sponsored by the famous French cosmetics brand L'Occitane, this wellness centre is located in the hotel, although it can be accessed by those who do not stay here. It offers a programme of services which includes Egyptian massages and special face and body beauty treatments, hydrotherapy circuits, holistic area... It also sells complete holiday packages to the hotel's guests. An exclusive area where to recover your energy and balance of body and mind.

The Spa Sensations of the IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts.- We keep visiting hotels and their wellness centres, and we could not miss some of the spas of the Majorcan hotel chain which specialises in beach resorts. If you have decided to spend your holidays in the south of Spain, remember to stop by at the IBEROSTAR Coral Beach, in Marbella; if your destination is Majorca, do not miss the IBEROSTAR Bahía de Palma; and if you have chosen Cadiz, visit the IBEROSTAR Andalucía Playa. In all of them, apart from luxury facilities, you will be able to enjoy personalised massages and treatments inspired in the most ancient techniques. All of them are quite cheap, considering their quality price ratio.

Thermal Hotel Burgo de Osma.- Beach is not your cup of tea. Do not worry. We have a lot of options. For example, this wellness accommodation in Soria, where you will be able to receive all type of therapies and make the most of the advantages of thermal treatments. It is located in a stunning Mozarabic building from the XIth century, with an architectural beauty that will impress you. In addition, it has a much quieter ambiance than beach spas, and after the wellness session you will be able to enjoy an exclusive gastronomic experience, as Soria's cuisine is delicious.

Las Caldas Thermal Villa- Destination Oviedo. Pure north and pure elegance. The Asturian capital will welcome you with its solemnity and will invite you to discover one of its most famous thermal centres. It has its own spring, with healing powerfor the skin and for the most typical respiratory diseases. In addition, it offers innovative treatments with chocolate, wine, mud, aromatic herbs... Its architecture also deserves a special mention, as the main swimming pool is surrounded by a beautiful colonnade and a stunning dome .

Thai Spa of the Asia Gardens Hotels.- You must have heard of it. It is located in Benidorm, in one of the most stunning hotels of the Spanish eastern coast. An authentic theme park made a luxury accommodation. The wellness area has a well-cared decoration inspired in the jungle or in the woods. It stands out for its techniques of Asian inspiration, with elements like the rice or the jasmine as the protagonists of some of its treatments.

Spas are true paradises against stress and depression. They are useful for giving full rein to your imagination and providing you with the calm you need to tackle the problems of the everyday life. But there are many more in Spain, as the wellness sector has increased considerably in the last 5 years, with facilities that stand out over their European opponents (allowing for the differences with Budapest, of course). The area of the country with more historic tradition in hydrotherapy treatments is the north, being Galicia one of the regions that has invested the most in this type of tourism. Its traditional spas are not included in the list above (which only includes the most luxurious and stunning spas), but they are always a guarantee of relax and wellness. The attention is excellent and the destination offers a lot of options, not only gastronomic but also beaches, sports and adventure.

The best time of the year for visiting a spa is autumn (after the summer is perfect) and spring, the seasons of changes, both in body and mind. It is a good time for closing periods and recharging energies for starting new phases. If you have a disease, do not forget to consult your doctor. Enjoy your holidays!


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