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The Style Guide - Whats Your Personal Style?

Updated on April 13, 2014

Dressing is the best way to display your personal style, likes and dislikes. As an old saying goes, eat what you like but dress the way others like to see you. Frankly this may not really hold well as, if you dress in something that is popular or liked by all, and not feel comfortable in it, your discomfort and dislike will be shown evidently in your behavior and overall presentation. It is important that while you wear what is “in fashion”, you feel comfortable in it and like what you are wearing. This is where the need for personal style arises. Men’s fashion, unfortunately, is not as versatile as you would really want it to be. Some colors and style, even if they are your favorite, cannot be worn in public as you may be looked down upon as weird. It takes lot of trial and error to discover your personal style, unless you are the “I Know What I Want’ kind.

A few men’s fashion tips on how to avoid terrible haircuts, frightful pants and catastrophic jewelry should help you in planning your wardrobe. You would also need to look critically at the styles and fashion that make you look good as even the costliest outfit would be a waste, if it makes you look unflattering. Following latest trends is not advisable, neither for your pocket nor for your personality. Lifespan of hot styles and designs are normally short.

Business Style


The Gray Suit – is like an anchor for your business wardrobe. It makes you look strong and elegant. It is appropriate for any occasion be it for attending an interview or addressing a meeting. Enhance the sharp and clean look of your gray suit with white, light blue or pink shirt. Gray suits are versatile enough to be worn over any hue and are available in a wide range of shades themselves. Choose a gray shade that best highlights your skin color.

The Solid Navy Suit – is the safest of choices and classically ageless. You can wear it with the same panache to your date as you would to the boardroom. This versatile color blends well with any shirt and tie combination.

The Solid Black Suit – has never been considered appropriate for office wear. The current style however makes it a staple. One important tip here is to keep the sides slim and fitting proper, lest you seem to be working in a funeral home.


White, most shades of blue and dress shirts in blue and white stripes are your best bet. Also most solid colors in soft shades would do well. Avoid bright colors and bold printed shirts.


Shoes can make or mar your entire look, so choose them with care. Irrespective of your shoe style, remember to add heel and toe taps to your shoe soles and rest them on shoe trees when not in use to increase the durability.

Cap-Toe – keep a set in each of slim black and brown lace-ups as they suit all types of suits. (Never wear brown shoes with black suit)

Plain-Toe – these make you look sharper and sleeker. A slim lace up plain toe shoes looks dressier than cap toe shoes and suits a tuxedo for those formal meeting and also the jean and blazer styling for casual days.

Casual Wear Style

You will be able to define your personal style with sporty jackets for your casual wear. These can be worn over button down shirts or knit wear with equal ease. Sports jackets are single breasted with higher and narrower lapels having three to four buttons. You can choose from a range of wool, tweed, cashmere, bouclé, and nylon sports jackets.

Add knits to your casual wear style. The main variations found here are the neck styles -funnel necks, turtlenecks, mock necks, V-necks, crewnecks, zip down and polo necks. These can be worn alone or with a suit or sports jacket.

In your pants section, keep wool, wool with lycra, gabardine, chinos, and cotton corduroy pants.

Preppy Style

Preppy means invariably being in style. Colorful polo shirts, khaki and plaid shorts, button-down shirts, khaki slacks and cotton sweaters are the staples of a preppy wardrobe. This style has moved from trendy to classic and in its current state is simple and clean.

Preppy style is perfect for yachting as well as Ivy League schools. Preppy style brings to mind crest embroidered jackets, alligator logo shirts, and sharply creased pants, but the style is about clean lines with quality fashioning than embroidery detailing. A classic example of preppy style is sweater vest worn over short-sleeve shirt and plaid pants. Minute detailing such as cuff break make these garment look tailored and finished, both in terms of function and appearance.

An exquisite watch with a quality wristband should complete your preppy wardrobe.

Party Style

While almost anything is acceptable for party style dressing (if the dress code is not specified in the invitation of course), slacks should do fine. Even shorts will suit the very casual and friendly party. Your personal style is best showcased at these parties. Slacks in beige or white or madras print and cotton or linen shorts will make you look clean, crisp, and cool. You can also go for dark colors such as navy blue, chocolate brown and black worn with light colored or printed shirts.

For shirts, this is the best time to get your short sleeve shirts out. Loose button up shirt or polo top will make you look classier than your regular tee. Linens are also good choices for parties. Linens wrinkle easily but the rumpled appearance adds to your cool image.

For footwear, anything ranging from loafers, boat shoes to sandals is just fine.

Jackets and hats are optional and wear them only if you really want to.

Also accessorize well to your parties as this is the time you can showoff your collection. . Bring out the sterling silver cufflinks or diamond studded earring or event he stainless steel bracelets. Look classy and trendy with tungsten or carbon fiber jewelry.


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      southernadver 5 years ago from SC, USA

      I love corporate style especially embroidered shirts.