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The Timeless Appeal Of The Antique Mirror

Updated on March 20, 2011

An Antique Mirror Can Be Considered A Work Of Art!

An antique mirror can be an alluring decorative item but they can also be considered rarefied pieces of art. It's not difficult to find an antique mirror that suits your taste or style of furniture. There are many different types of antique mirrors. During the gothic period, the most common wood was oak. Mirrors usually had an arch at the top, ornate scroll work and a dark finish.

The Historical Eras Of The Antique Mirror

Baroque antique mirrors were typically oval shaped with gilded frames in gold or silver. The carvings were not as ornate and the wood was mainly oak. Later, walnut wood also became popular.

Rococo antique mirrors were mostly rectangular and had frames painted gold. The top of the mirror was usually adorned with carved scrolls and flowers and the wood was of mahogany or walnut.

An antique mirror can be worth thousands of dollars at auction!
An antique mirror can be worth thousands of dollars at auction!

Empire antique mirrors were a simpler style of mirror without elaborate carvings. You would most often see them in rectangular shape with a few engravings on the inner side of the frame. The common wood used was mahogany adorned with gold gilding.

Regency antique mirrors were almost always oval shaped with thin frames gilded in gold. They were adorned with tiny, elaborate scroll work of leaves and flowers at the top and made of mahogany.

Antique mirrors come in all shapes and sizes
Antique mirrors come in all shapes and sizes

An Antique Mirror Is Perfect For Any Home

Antique mirrors make for an alluring large mirror, an appealing wall mirror, or a charming full length mirror. However, they are also available not only as a delightful full-length mirror, but also as splendid vanity mirrors, an eye-catching bathroom mirror, a glamorous round mirror, an elegant floor mirror, a glorious make up mirror, or a resplendent compact mirror. Mammoth antique large mirrors add to the perception of space in your home. "Look into" them!

When selecting a large antique mirror you can choose an antique french mirror, antique wall mirror, custom antique mirror, antique gold mirror, antique wood mirror, antique vanity mirror, or even enter the realm of furniture with an antique mirror dresser! An antiques mirror is defined as an antique mirror glass in an antique mirror frame but there are many variations in the furniture of the various historical periods!

This fine example of an antique mirror can be a family heirloom
This fine example of an antique mirror can be a family heirloom

Check For The Characteristics Of Your Antique Mirror

 Certain features are examined to determine a value for an antique mirror. The original glass being intact is one key feature. The frame's condition is also considered, especially to see if the scroll work is original or if it has been patched or repaired. The original gilt is important, however it does not need to be in perfect shape. Some scratches and nicks are tolerated.

Typically, antique mirrors are not collected in abundance. A few choice pieces can go a long way in decorating or adding history and charm to your home.  An antique mirror is a wonderful accent for any design and is best used as the focal point of your room.

Antique Mirror Cleaning Tips

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