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The Top 15 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas

Updated on April 15, 2013

Love couples Tattoo


The permanent element of tattoos has made it a popular choice for many couples to express their love with each other. By getting matching designs, they are basically showing the whole world that they belong with each other. What’s great about matching tattoos is that they can be as complex or as simple as you choose. Following are the top 15 matching couple tattoo ideas that you can try getting inspiration from.

1. Heart Tattoos

Although the most common choice, heart tattoos can be further customized for uniqueness. Others prefer a more creative approach, tattooing just half of the heart to their wrist while the other half is tattooed to their partner. Once they bring their wrists together, it forms a perfect heart.

Heart Tattoo on Arm


2. Infinity Tattoo

The infinity tattoo represents “forever” and makes for an excellent romantic promise for most couples. Like with the heart, you have the option of having a complete symbol tattooed or just half of it in each partner.

Infinity Tattoo


3. Pac Man Tattoo

A Pac Man themed tattoo with each image facing each when placed side by side is also a good idea. Have several dots in the center as if the two would meet in a kiss.

4. Lock and Key

A popular option, the male could have a key tattooed while the female has the lock shaped as a heart. This represents “unlocking” the heart of the female.

Lock and Key Tattoo on Legs


5. Quote or Lyrics

Matching quotes or lyrics can be tattooed on any body part. Katy Perry and her ex-husband actually chose quotes for their couple tattoo. It can be the same sentence or a complement of each other.

Quote Tattoo on Back


6. Keys

This is different from the “lock and heart” key because both partners have the same key tattooed in. This shows that they hold each other’s key to the heart.

Matching Key's Tattoo on Arm


7. Puzzle Piece

Matching puzzle pieces is also a good choice, making it appear as though the couple complement or fit with each other perfectly.

8. Ring

A ring tattoo can be a word or a facsimile of a ring tattooed around the finger. It’s a good way to represent devotion more permanently compared to an actual metal ring.

Ring Couple Tattoo

9. Anchor

Anchors can symbolize trust, stability and permanency. It’s an ideal choice for couples who want to convey the message of devotion with each other.

10. Yin Yang

The Yin and Yang symbol hails from Asian culture and is an accepted representation of balance. You can have the male tatted with the Yin part while the female gets the Yang.

Yin Yang Tattoo on Arm


11. Love

The word “love” beautifully tattooed is also an option. Couples try customizing it by adding the name of their partner at the end.

Cute Love Tattoo with Flower


12. Celtic Love

Others prefer the Celtic symbol for love instead of the heart shape or the worded version. It’s usually better because the Celtic symbol also represents peace and joy of the spirit.

13. Mario and Princess

Gamers can opt for Super Mario and his supposed partner Princess Peach. Others may choose different couple characters, depending on their preferences.

14. Crowns

A fair representation of being each other’s King and Queen, crowns offer different ways for customization as a couple tattoo.

15. Phoenix

A mythical bird that doesn’t die, couples may see the attraction because it represents their undying love with each other.

Colorful Phoenix Tattoo on Back


With a bit of imagination, any symbol can be inked as a matching tattoo. Note that the placement of the tattoo also counts here. Usually, the matching inks are placed on the wrist, especially if they complement each other. There are those who want something more elaborate however or prefer to have the ink near the heart, the feet or the shoulder blades.


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