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The Top Fur and Leather Trends to Steal this Fall and Winter

Updated on November 16, 2016

With the "Big 4" fashion weeks (New York, London, Milan, and Paris) coming to a close, it’s an exciting time of year to see what trends have hit the runways and to get inspired by their looks. You don't have to be a famous fashion model to dress in this year's hottest looks.

The overall trends went across the map. From delicate layers to masculine shapes, there’s something for everyone's tastes. Befitting the fall and winter season, genuine furs and leathers also made a statement on the runways. Real fur and leather are practical as well as fashionable for the colder seasons with plush textures and classic appeal. Learn how to incorporate these high fashion trends and furs into your fall and winter wardrobe:

1. Wisps of Furs in Bright and Whimsical Colors

Colorful furs are no stranger to the runway. Designer Michael Kors utilized fur in a full floral coat print, and Jason Wu designed a black and white fur coat for his fall collection. However, a new playful twist is adding just a touch of fur in unexpected places.

Furry collars were seen on Roksanda's collection in warm, romantic colors:

Via Fashioners
Via Fashioners

This fashion house was not afraid to mix different patterns and fabrics. If you want to add a classy, vintage feel to your fall fashion, add a fur scarf or stole to a silk dress or blouse.

Designer Christian Dior also utilized fur collars in a big, bold way while Fendi combined fur with a flowery pattern.

Via Fashioners
Via Fashioners

Who says fall fashion has to be boring? Whether you are going for a full fur look or just want to add an accessory, don't shy away from unexpected colors or unique placements.

2. Leather, Leather, and More Leather

Leather is typically reserved for a nice jacket or handbag, but fashion titans are going for leather everything this season. Of course there were the classic full-length coats from Philip Lim, but he added a twist under the coat - leather crop tops with velvet flourishes. Entire leather ensembles were seen on the runway including skirts, tops, and even a black little (leather) dress.

Via Fashioners
Via Fashioners

Leather doesn't automatically have to mean tan, brown, or black. Oscar de la Renta amazed with a dress that utilized a simple silhouette with dyed leather in a cherry hue. Adding a glossy finish was another style previewed in the fall shows. For the daring, adding a high-volume shine to leather injects your leather with a striking sex appeal.

Via Fashioners
Via Fashioners

This glossy leather comes in brilliant shades like tangerine but also in more muted tones like brown and black. Fall is the perfect time to break out your classic leather jackets and coats, but it’s also the perfect time to get inspired from the runway and bring unexpected leather pieces to your closet.

3. Hard-Edge and Soft Designs

One way to bring all the fashion trends together is to mix traditionally masculine and feminine looks for a cool, effortless outfit. Robust business suits, military styles, and cool biker jackets on the runway blend gender expectations in fashionable ways. First, designers like Ralph Lauren add fur to long coats worn with baggy trousers.

Via Fashioners
Via Fashioners

For the military trend, Vera Wang adds fur details to her olive uniform inspired look:

Dramatic overcoats with exaggerated lapels and buttons were seen on the runway from Burberry and Prada. Finally, biker jackets in leather with fur trim were modeled with a range of styles, from delicate black dresses to red leggings.

Via Fashioners
Via Fashioners

Steal the masculine-meets-feminine look by wearing straight-legged pants with an oversized fur coat. Emulate the military style by adding dark greens and blue hues to your fall colors, and don't forget the classic leather jacket to stay warm while looking amazing.

This year, furs and leathers were seen on the runway in both classic and new ways. For fall, be inspired and take the styles from famous designers to use in your own autumn collection.


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