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The Top Three Ways Your Sunglasses Protect your Eyes

Updated on January 29, 2017

Eyes need love and care, just like the rest of your body. They go through daily wear and tear and have to keep up with external forces like dust and sunlight. There are various problems that can arise if you neglect eye health. Just like we touch million objects and accumulate germs and bacteria on the hands, eyes can also get infected by airborne bacteria and virus and can get infected with contact from infected hands. But you can avoid a number of problems if you are a regular sunglasses wearer. Today, in this hub we present the top three ways that your eyes can stay protected with the use of Sunglasses.


Protected From Sunlight and UV Rays:

If you’ve been out in the sun for long hours before, you would have experienced eye problems like eye strain, temporary blindness and even photokeratitis. This is attributed to the extreme exposure to high amount of UV rays and sunlight. UV rays are available everywhere and are one of the most common reasons for photokeratitis and other long term eye problems like macular degeneration and cataracts. But what if you can reduce the damages? Sunglasses help you do the exact things. Sunglasses with UV 400 protection block the harmful UV rays and help your eyes stay protected from the exposure to sunlight. Also large sunglasses are able to protect the delicate under-eye area from UV damage as well. Always choice sunglasses that provide dark tinted lenses and UV 400 protection so that your eyes do not get exposed to UV rays and stay protected. Also wearing sunglasses can save you from sunburn of the eyes, also from photokeratitis.


Saved From Glares and Reflections:

Light is an absolute marvel of science and light rays can get reflected on a number of surfaces – a smooth asphalt road, on the water bed of a pool, at metal objects and even reflect off not so common objects like smooth walls and windowpanes. When you’re out in sun, have you noticed that your eyes slowly feel tired with the exposure to the reflections and glares that are created by the sunlight? This makes it important to note that people who are travelling by car or driving will find it great if they have a pair of polarised anti reflection sunglasses. These sunglasses are made to help reduce glares and reflection (As the name suggests). The result? Smooth driving experience with less distortion due to reflections on roads and water bodies, plus better contrasts.


Save From Dust and Dirt:

Now if you are travelling by a two wheeler or are keeping the window open in your car, dust and dirt can easily travel through and create problems in your eyes. Your eyes might even get infected due to the airborne viruses. So, sunglasses can protect you from this as well. Just wear a pair of sunglasses when you are driving the motorcycle or in the car, or plain travelling by train and reduce the chance of getting dust and dirt to create eye problems.


So these are the top ways that a pair of sunglasses can help you eyes stay safe. If you want to go for a more long lasting choice, add a pair of branded sunglasses for yourself or get prescription sunglasses if you require vision correction as well.


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