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The Truth Behind Hair Loss Shampoo

Updated on September 27, 2010

Hair loss shampoo is beneficial to people that are beginning to experience hair loss, or that already have a significant hair loss problem. The question is “why or how do hair loss shampoos work?” If you can determine that your hair loss is not due to some underlying medical condition, then you may find a shampoo for hair loss that is of benefit to you.

Active Ingredients

Typically, the best shampoo for hair loss will contain DHT blockers. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) alters the normal cycle of hair growth by limiting the flow of blood to the scalp. When the blood flow is limited, the follicles will start producing hair much more slowly, which will eventually become noticeable. DHT shampoo aims to replenish the nutrients and vitamins that are needed for healthy hair growth. DHT basically makes the follicles go dormant, and is the leading culprit of male pattern baldness, but can be a cause of hair loss in women as well.

Hair loss shampoos are usually applied daily, but you will want to refer to the indications on the specific product you purchase.

Hair Loss Products

Some popular brands of hair loss shampoo are Nioxin, Rogaine, and various shampoos containing Biotin. These have all been proven to, at very least, slow or stop hair loss.

It is known that with Rogaine, the effects will diminish once you stop using it. It will make your hair look thicker and will slow hair loss, but it does not generally work to re-grow hair.

Nioxin, on the other hand, seems to increase the growth of new hair by cleansing the follicles and removing the gunk that is clogging them up. It helps to inhibit the spread of DHT and gives your remaining hair a definite fuller look. Nioxin is made up of many botanical ingredients that help increase nourishment to your hair. They very strongly recommend not using any other hair products while using Nioxin. The product aims to remove the build-up that comes from using other products. They do offer a line of products that are compatible with their shampoo, if you find that you must use styling gel.

Biotin is a B Vitamin that has been shown to increase hair strength. It has been reported that biotin is not easily absorbed through the skin and that it is best taken as a dietary supplement and not as a hair loss shampoo.

It seems that the best hair loss shampoo is still products containing DHT blocking agents. They have begun to have a proven track record that is indicative of being beneficial to stopping hair loss and even promoting hair re-growth.

It is always advised to get a check up by your family physician. It is possible that your hair loss is not related to DHT in your system, but could be a symptom of another medical issue, or as a side effect to medication that you are taking. Always treat any underlying issues prior to treating your hair loss problem. Proper nutrition also plays a role in hair health, and so is another topic to discuss with your doctor.


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