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Which Calvin Klein Perfume Is Right For You?

Updated on October 9, 2017
Euphoria Perfume by Calvin Klein
Euphoria Perfume by Calvin Klein

A Little About Calvin Klein's Memorable Fragrances Throughout History

Calvin Klein is known for creating posh perfumes that appeal to a wide variety of people. His ever-changing style and ability to tap into the needs of consumers are two traits that describe his unsurpassed talent for developing unforgettable fragrances in the perfume industry. Over the years, Calvin Klein has provided consumers with high-quality perfumes that awaken the senses and compliment a person’s individual body chemistry. It is a combination of these factors that make Calvin Klein’s perfumes some of the most popular and best-selling perfumes in the world.

CK “One”

If you want a clean scent that has a slight, fruity aroma with hints of pineapple and citrus, CK “One” is the perfect perfume for you. All natural ingredients like jasmine, rose and green tea are perfectly blended to make this one of a kind earthy scent.

CK “Be”

Provides you with a unique woodsy scent with hints of oriental spice that is refreshing and invigorating. CK “Be” provides a perfect blend of fruits such as mandarins and peaches, which give it a subtle fruity accent. Aromatic components such as magnolias and sandalwood merge, giving the perfume an earthy quality. Scented musk gives the perfume an added dimension.

Calvin Klein “Truth”

If you want a perfume that works with your own body’s chemistry than Calvin Klein “Truth” will provide you with this unique element. This perfume is designed to give you a fresh and natural woodsy scent that is ignited by the natural chemistry of your skin.

Calvin Klein “Eternity”

Introduced to the public in 1988, Calvin Klein “Eternity” perfume for women has a very crisp and clean scent. It is made from a careful collaboration of fruity and spicy elements. A combination of spices, flowers and exotic fruits with a hint of patchouli and amber compliment one another and add a touch of romance and allure to your senses.

Calvin Klein “Obsession”

Launched in 1985, Calvin Klein “Obsession” women’s perfume has a very distinct scent. This scent is highlighted with oriental fragrances and a blend of spices such as vanilla, amber and orange blossom. Oakmoss and other oriental spices are blended together to give this perfume even more depth.

Calvin Klein “Euphoria”

This women’s perfume combines exotic flowers like black violet, black orchid, and lotus blossom to give it a deeper and more complex fragrance. Tangy fruits such as pomegranates and persimmons give it a slightly sweet accent. Mahogany wood adds an earthy aroma that is spicy and gives this perfume a very provocative bouquet.

Calvin Klein women’s perfumes provide you with a unique experience different from any other perfumes on the market. Whether you’re after an exotic fragrance that is unique from any other perfume, or a perfume that provides you with a very clean floral scent, Calvin Klein has a variety of perfumes that will suit your individual needs and moods. You can wear any of his perfumes anytime, whether it’s during the day or at night. You can even blend them together to create your own unique scent.


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    • virodrig profile image

      virodrig 6 weeks ago

      Yes, I agree with you. I get tons of compliments as well.

    • profile image

      icepop 6 weeks ago

      I have the same perfume I get all kinds of compliments. Love the scent!