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The World's Easiest Necktie Knot

Updated on January 23, 2009

Learn how to tie a necktie in minutes. This page will give you all you need: instructions, pictures, a video, and even places where you can shop for neckties. Learn the necktie knot in less time than it will take you to shave or brush your teeth!

Which Tie Knot is so Easy to Tie?

There are many different ways to tie a necktie. But before I confuse you with all the different necktie knots. This page will teach you the quickest way to tie a tie. It is not just fast and easy to learn, but also quite nice looking. The know we are talking about is the Four-in-Hand Necktie Knot.

The FIH has been around for centuries. In fact it is arguably the first modern way ti tie a necktie. It was invented at the end of the 19th century England. British Horse-men invented this knot when tying their scarves with only one hand while holding the reigns of 4 horses in the other. Yes, the knot is so easy that you could even tie it with one hand! Next up: Step-by-Step instructions on the FIH

Step-by-Step Instructions on the FIH

  1. Take the tie and place it around your neck so that the seam is facing in.
  2. Make sure the wide end of the tie hangs much lower (about 2/3 the length down)
  3. Place the wide end of the tie over the narrow end and hold in place with two fingers
  4. Then loop the wide end around this "intersection".
  5. Loop it all the way around and then take this wide end and pull it through the loop on your neck.
  6. Finally pull the necktie through the loop in front of the tie.
  7. Pull the tie tight, adjust it, and flip down your collars. 

Video Instructions

How & When to Wear a FIH Knot

The Four-in-Hand knot is a very versatile knot that will look good with all neckties and shirts. But, there are some instances that are especially suited for this type of know. Even if you know more complicated tie knots such as the double Windsor necktie knot, the FIH is sometimes your best choice.

Narrow Collar-Spread dress shirts: The FIH is a narrwer necktie knot. Therefore it looks great on shirts that hav a narrow collar spread. As a general rule, the necktie knot should just fill the gap between the collars.

Repp-Striped Neckties: Repp-Stripe ties, regimental neckties, and British ties look excellent with the slightly asymetric shape of the FIH.

Big & Tall Men: If you are tall and/or have a large neck size then you might be best of wearing longer neckties. For this reason tie makers made ties that are a few inches longer. If you are tall and have a necktie in regular length (maybe a father's day gift) that you like to tie, then the FIH knot and the half Windsor knot are good choices. Both knots are smaller and need less length of the necktie to tie.

Here is a site that features all popular ways to tie a necktie

New to Wearing Ties?

If neckties are something complety new to you, then chances are you might be looking for some neckties to buy. If you are looking for neckties to wear to work and are on a budget then this site offer high quality discount silk ties.

Learning how to wear a necktie is half the battle. Once you know how to tie a tie, then read on to how to match neckties.

If you think that a necktie is unneccassary, then you might like this article I compiled out of a book I recently read on Dress For Success

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      I have some physical Disability's from birth which include the use of only one hand which is my left. I have never been able to do my tie up. And i always had to get someone else to do it for me. I was wondering if you have any suggestions how tie could be done up with one hand only.

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      As someone who never had anyone around to teach me these things, this was quite helpful to me. Finally, I'll be able to wear my tie correctly!

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