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Training Pants Reviews - The best 4 Training Pants to buy

Updated on February 5, 2011

Are you sick of not know which are the best training pants to buy? Well this hub shows you everything you need to know!

General Training Pants Reviews

In this training pants reviews, I will explain the function of training pants in general. Training Pants reserved for children who begin to learn toilet training, it can also use cloth diapers. BUT, advantages of Training Pants are form, similar with the underwear model. So that is expected child accustomed to lower his pants when pee in the toilet, just like adults.

So Training Pants are considered for older children and child supposed be taught to 'proud', because it was past the diaper, and it was time wearing Training Pants. The difference is Training Pants will not accommodate a pee in a long time. So that's exposed to pee, should be change soon, because the absorber is not a part of the material that is destined to bear pee in a long time, and back again into the toilet training philosophy, the concept of WET and NOT COMFORTABLE when peed on the pants is important to be taught. So if child gives signs of wanting to pee, it should be guided towards the toilet and then replace the Training Pants with a clean, if his Training Pants are already wet. Wearing the cloth Training Pants help the little ones train easier, because they are more aware of when they have relieved themselves

For all the existing Training Pants, there are 4 brands that most often used by mothers, because they quality are quite good, and reliable. And I will made Training pants reviews of them one by one, so you can get the complete information you need. And here's the Training Pants reviews are :

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Gerber Training Pant, 3 Pack, Girl, 3T
Gerber Training Pant, 3 Pack, Girl, 3T
Gerber Training Pant, 3 Pack, Girl, 3T

1. GERBER - The most highly sought Training Pants

Training Pants Reviews :

Most mothers were satisfied with Gerber Training Pants products because the material is soft and not too tight, so do not leave marks on the thighs. This Cotton Training Pants design is perfect and very much like underwear, making it comfortable to wear due to use Elastic waistband for a perfect fit as the expanded leg opens for ease of pulling up and down. lining enough to absorb the pee in a while, even some say could also absorb all the pee.

As they said, your toddler will definitely feel like a 'Big Kid' while keeping baby's clothes dry, when the time to potty train has come. This Cloth Training Pants use 100% combed cotton for the center and side panels and 50% cotton and 50% polyester white batting for the interlining.

Pros : This Training Pants Have Enough absorbency for little leaks, comfortable, adorable prints: solids and white, Inexpensive and Durable, available in various sizes ranging from 18 months, 2T and 3T.

Cons : Hard to Find Gerber Training pants In the Retail Stores (but do not worry, you can buy it here)

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Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants
Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants
Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants

2. IMSE VIMSE - Incredibly soft cotton Training Pants

Training Pants Reviews :

You'll find this Training Pants as the trimmest Cotton Training Pants you've found. Cause They really hold one accident very well. This Cloth Training Pants are really soft on the outside and also have a nice terry on the inside. The waterproof layer of this Toilet Training Pants does it's job with accidents at every moment. With they cotton fabrics, you will not have had an odor problems.

Imse Vimse Training Pants look fashionable cause a layer of leak preventing, polyester laminate is hidden between the cotton layers, they are also functional. Because this Toddler Training Pants is made from organic cotton, so the kids really like to wear this Cloth Training Pants other than a comfortable size and fit at the waist. When a small accident occur, this Potty Training Pants could protect clothes from wet very well. However, according to its usefulness to train Potty Training, then Imse Vimse Training Pants is only recommended for daily use and not used for sleeping. Great cotton training pants are rather difficult to find nowadays and Imse Vimse has proved their greatness.

Pros : These Cotton Training Pants are very soft, comfortable, They leave no red elastic marks on the skin, They wash nicely in the washing machine and are absorbant enough to hold an accident without drenching the clothes.

Cons : For older children and heavy wetters, this Potty Training Pants would increase absorbency by adding one of organic diaper liners (but you will not need it if you successfully teach potty training).

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Bummis Cotton Training Pants
Bummis Cotton Training Pants
Bummis Cotton Training Pants

3. BUMMIS - Well designed Training Pants of 'Superb' quality

Training Pants Reviews :

For a comfortable and customized fit Bummis Training Pants used Stretchy Lycra bindings around the legs and tummy. This Cotton Training Pants use a waterproof laminate, which is super strong and durable as the inner layer. And Soft knit polyester as the outer layer, thus keeping well leakage while maintaining comfort.

For extra protection, this Cloth Training Pants Flannel lining is very comfortable and soft when touched on the baby's skin. Three layers of terry material, which is used as an absorber on the inside, it is enough to absorb even a major spill.

For treatment, This Potty Training Pants are very easy, because it could be washed and dry with normal temperatures. All the protection you need - but without a lot of bulk.

Pros : Easy for little ones to put on and take off with ease by themselves cause this Toilet Training Pants has a great fit, is attractive and is comfortable, and built to last.

Cons : That is a rather bubbling shape.

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Luvable Friends  Training Pants
Luvable Friends  Training Pants
Luvable Friends Training Pants

Luvable Friends - Premium Quality Training Pants of Unique Baby Clothing

Training Pants Reviews :

Luvable Friends is the best training pants available at the lowest price! These Cotton Training Pants are very soft and fit nicely, with products features 100% combed cotton interlock for the softest touch on your baby's gentle skin.Luvable Friends Cloth Training Pants are an excellent value but you will more impressed with their thickness and the elastic is not too tight so it doesn't cut into children legs.

These hard-to-find Cloth Training Pants were exactly hold their shape well after multiple washings, they do tend to stretch out fast because they're cotton.

Assorted with One print, and Two coordinating solids, Luvable Friends Toddler Training Pants are available in Two color themes, plus white, and 3 others different sizes: 2, 3, 4. Afterall, Luvable Friends Toilet Training Pants are fun and very soft comfy cotton! great for potty training for the eco friendly way.

Pros : The elastics around the waist and legs are great. Children can easily pull them up and down, machine washable, absorbant, soft and cute.

Cons : Few people feel the padding of ths Cloth Training Pants is less thick and baggy shapes.

Potty Train Your Child with Fun!


I have tried to make this Training Pants Reviews are complete and detailed. I hope this Training Pants Reviews would help you in determining the best choice among the best.

I also have read Training Pants Reviews for several times; before I decide to buy online. But have never fully explained it, which would honestly say about those advantages and disadvantages of each product. Most Training Pants reviews are written simply by describing the same product description. So, sometimes we just carried away with their reviews only.

If you are not satisfied with this Training Pants Reviews, you can also read my other Training Pants Reviews, which does not explain the product in detail, but I tell my own experience in using the Training Pants to my daughter when she was at her two. I wrote it because some people I even know; often demanding things that are not owned by Training Pants product, related to the Potty Training ‘things’, some even consider it equal to Cloth Diaper. And it refers me to write Training Pants Reviews that are based on my personal experience.

Best option of my own version :

All cotton training pants above are perfect for potty training, they are the best choice of all brands of toilet training pants which are spread on the market. And after reading all these Training Pants reviews one by one, If you'd like your child to be comfortable and snug in his set of training pants, my personal option is Gerber Training pants, because they has a deficiency that is not associated with the product.

But it all back again into your decision, because I had to explain their in my detail Training Pants Review about the respective pros and cons of each of these Best Training Pants Reviews. And you are the only one which can decide, which is most suitable for you and your child.

But remember that This incredible amazon offer won't last for ever, so buy your set of cheap but reliable training pants now! and good luck with the potty training... ^_^


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    • profile image

      Mike 5 years ago

      Gerber is good and I dont think the others work well.

    • profile image

      coco 5 years ago

      we are factory which produce training pants in China,we produce high quality goods with reasonable price,if you want this kind of goods,pls feel free to contact me,thank you.

    • profile image

      stephen holder 5 years ago

      I have invented a new training pant for boys. If this is of interest to you could you please forward a contact name and addresss. so that I can sent a sample and draft/drawings for your perusal. I have a patent application number for this product.


      Stephen holder

      1 St Ives Court , Furzehill Road , Torquay , Devon , TQ1 3JG . UK Tel--01803 431876

    • heidialissa profile image

      heidialissa 6 years ago

      Glad to hear that Stephanie, thanks :))

      Indeed training pants doesn't absorb all the pee, it'll only hold it for a moment, but in the meantime, use it to lead your child into the toilet immediately. If you succeed, then you won't wet the carpet, but if you don't, then you'll see it spilled as well..

      Just try a second chance isn't an idiot at all, because we're just a mom .. not a God, it doesn't matter if we are idiots sometimes ..:P

      I am with you, and good luck ...!:)

    • Stephanie Fields profile image

      Stephanie Fields 6 years ago from Staunton, Virginia

      I stumbled upon your training pants review as I am new to hubpages, and trying to learn my way around. I hated training pants, until I read your review. Now I am ready to try them again. I am working on potty training my third, and gave up on training pants a very long time ago. To me, it seemed as if they (my children) treated the training pants the same as a diaper. It just came off quicker. Now, feeling like an idiot, I will go try some cotton training pants. I just didn't think they absorbed anything. Wow! Thanks again for the great review. I look forward to reading more of your hubs. :)

    • heidialissa profile image

      heidialissa 6 years ago

      your welcome cashew22... :))

    • profile image

      cashew22 7 years ago

      some awesome training pants reviews. It's always hard when it comes to potty train the kids, so this really helps.

      thanks !

    • heidialissa profile image

      heidialissa 7 years ago

      thank you Pink Panther, your comments are very precious to me.. :)

    • The Pink Panther profile image

      The Pink Panther 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Excellent hub! :)