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Laser Hair Removal Machines

Updated on August 10, 2009

If you are looking for laser hair removal machines you should know that, really, the only person who you should come to for these “machines” is your dermatologist. Why? Although there are at-home hair removal machines, they aren’t as strong as the machines available at your local laser hair removal centers.

The at home laser hair removal machine products online are the “Silk'n Personal Light-Based Hair Removal Device for Home Use” for $565.05, at and the “TRIA Laser Hair Removal System” which you can buy off sites such as for $795.00. After reading the reviews I came away with the impression that these products do work, just not as well as the treatments you’d get from a professional laser hair removal center. Both of these products are the only laser hair removal machines that are approved by the FDA. Because professional treatments can get up into the thousands of dollars and are not fully permanent anyways (laser hair removal centers usually guarantee the results for 2 years) these two products are definitely worth looking at. You should know that both products will not get rid of your unwanted hair fully. Expect 95% of the hair to come off in some areas and around 60% of the hair to come off in other areas. Although you’ll still have to shave every now and then (you can’t use these products for the facial area) you will get permanent hair removal. After using one of these products for several weeks expect to have to shave a lot less and have much smoother skin.

Keep in mind that both of these laser hair removal systems will not work if you have a dark skin tone. In fact, the Tria machine will simply not work if it detects a dark enough skin color. Each of these machines will work on dark hair. If your hair is brown, red, or blonde in color, the machine may work. Fact is, the darker your hair is, the less time you’ll need to spend using the hair removal machine. 

Furthermore, these laser hair removal machines also allow you to remove the hair in the privacy of your own home. 

The aforementioned products aren't the only hair removal devices on the market (there are other laser hair removal machines out there). Because these types of hair removal machines are very expensive, it is highly recommended that you read user reviews off of sites such as

(photo credit Laser Hair Removal Machines
(photo credit Laser Hair Removal Machines

Laser Hair Removal Machines Alternative

Of course, you can also check out your local laser hair removal clinics rather than relying on laser hair removal machines. If you do a search for laser hair removal at you’ll find at many laser hair centers (a sample search for a middle-sized city gave me 25 centers.

What is the cost of laser hair removal for men (If you are a woman, check out Laser Hair Removal Face or Bikini)? Although this will depend on how much hair you want removed, here are some sample prices…

Underarms: $1,000
Back and shoulders: $2,300
Face: $1,300
Chest and stomach: $2,000

Keep in mind that these are approximate prices. Some people have ape-like hair and others really don’t have much at all. As such, the total cost can vary significantly. In terms of saving money, the best thing you can do for yourself is to shop around. If there are around 25 laser hair centers in your area, check their price. Although you won’t find “cheap laser hair removal for men”, there’s a good chance that you can save around a couple hundred dollars if you just check out as many centers as possible. Aside from the price, you have to make sure that the doctor at the center has an MD, preferably for a while. You also want them to guarantee the results for around a couple of years.

One of the more popular hair removal procedures for men is the back, for several reasons. Getting treated removes the need to shave or wax your back, which can obviously be a problem if you have no one around to help you. Unwanted back hair can cause body odor and cover your muscular physique. A lot of men also get laser facial hair removal for men because it saves them from having to shave. Of course, you can also get the procedure done for the eyebrow area.

How will laser hair removal feel like? The general consensus is that it feels like a rubber band lightly snapping against the skin. The side effects from laser hair removal are nothing to worry about because it usually just consists of short-term swelling and redness.

How does laser hair removal work? The laser targets the roots of the hair by heating up the hair strands. The lasers work by targeting dark pigment in the hair. As such, the darker your hair is, the better the treatment will work for you.

Feel free to leave comments on this best laser hair removal machines hub!


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      5 years ago

      i want to remove my unwabted hair do u availale it for me so bring near me and my adress is nepal janakpur 9 thapa chowk near at gems school.


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