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The best way to manage your curls

Updated on April 10, 2013

shea moisture

This is Angels Hair before Shea Moisture products
This is Angels Hair before Shea Moisture products
the shea moisture products we use
the shea moisture products we use
Angel After Shea Moisture. No More Tangles no more frizz!
Angel After Shea Moisture. No More Tangles no more frizz!

Curly Hair

Hi my name is Lisa. I have written several articles over the years and I always look for something that will be interesting and something that would be helpful to others. I have been practicing dealing with very curly hair for almost 20 years now so I would say I have tried more products than I have not tried. I have spoken to women of every ethnic group asked there advice and discussed in great detail why my daughters hair always looks dry and frizzy. My oldest daughter went to many extremes over the years to get her hair in a way that makes her feel good. When she was little I would try braiding her hair. As she got older she said it makes her look like a boy and as soon as I would braid her her she would be in the bathroom unbraiding it. Then I tried getting other people who knew how to make different styles and do cornrows and french braids. She would keep it in one night knowing that we paid someone to do her hair then go to school in the morning and out came the braids. This became tiring and we need to come up with something better. She went through the hat phase, the pony tail phase and then came the relaxers and the extensions. Well as she is the oldest I guess we were more willing to take the chances on her different hair debacles as she calls them. When my youngest child came out with her curly hair we said we were going to really learn about her hairs so she will not go through the hair debacles of her big sisters. Well life got in the way our little one was born with many health issues eventually rending her to dialysis as her kidneys have failed her. With the constant fluid restrictions and the dialysis taking fluids on and off her hair is extremely dry. After going through the whole braiding disaster with her sister we said this is not going to be the route we go with her hair.I went to many beauty supply stores and many salons. Everyone says something different everyone sells us something different and all of the stuff they sell does not work. Either it looks like it has some moisture in it and it leaves flakes or it leaves it more dry or more frizzy. As you would know it every ones advice was putting me in the poorhouse and destroying my babies hair.

Life changed for me after a long term position I held I got laid off and had more time on my hands than I could manage, I researched and researched and came up with more junkie products and more frustration, As I searched for work I realized the economy is not good and I am not going to get a position at all comparable to what I was doing so I said I need to find something that will not stress me out and will give me flexible hours so I can continue to accompany my daughter to her dialysis treatments and still be a mom and wife to the rest of the gang. Well I found my self working as a cashier in Target. Not only do I meet some of the nicest people in Tampa I also learn a lot from those same folks. As I got more comfortable in position I started taking notice to the products being purchased by the people who have hair like my daughters. As you know it Target sells exactly what we need and my customers are more than happy to share their experiences with hair products with me.I would talk with women who have beautiful curls and I have learned from women of all ethnic groups that answer we all are waiting for is right there with all the hair products.

So my youngest daughter decided that cutting her hair into short curls will be easier for us to manage. Boy was she right she went and got the cutest cut but we were still totally unsure on the hair products. Yup again the salon sold me on some curl lock that dried up her hair and made her beautiful new doo a bomb. So back to Target I went and said I am going to spend my time and money on the products that these women are telling me and I sure hope they work as I was really broke. FINALLY IT WORKS!!!!!

The answer is Shea Moisture products. Each product it better than the next. We have found that the Coconut and hibiscus hair milk is a godsend. Not only does it work it smells great. So we start with by pouring some in your hands about two the size of two quarters start at the roots and rub through entire hair. Use enough product if your hair is long use more. Then I comb through the hair one time real quick just to make sure product is distributed everyone. Then we use the curl enhancing smoothie. And for a quick finish and little hold the hold and shine moisture mist.

Finally my girls have beautiful non frizzy curls they do not need to wear in a ponytail or braid.

Let us know how these products work for you

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