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The Effect of Women's Leather Gloves on the Fashion Industry

Updated on August 30, 2011

Why do women look so good wearing leather gloves

Leather gloves in fashion take an ordinary glove with its strength and durability, and add style to the purpose.

Leather gloves are no longer just for work. Fashion has taken hold of them and transformed them into elegant, refined and luxurious items. Women have made them look stunning, and have brought them to life, on their hands! Leather gloves are highly acclaimed and have made it to the top of the fashion world.

TheVersatility of Leather

Very early, womens leather garments were often doused with perfumes. Stylish from the beginning of time. Women make leather gloves look good, and feel good-like the luxurious item that it is. A glove will stretch and mold itself over a hand. It will not tear. It will retain its shape. That's because leather is a natural material. It creates its own beauty on the hand of a woman. Yet, they offer a comfortable fit, and are highly suitable for driving, shopping or just walking around keeping your hands warm. And the unique thing is:- they have the ability to hold and grip items efficiently.

Cire Women's Napoli Gloves,Brown/Brown,6.5 US
Cire Women's Napoli Gloves,Brown/Brown,6.5 US

Beautiful Sheepskin Nappa Leather, The Finest Leather Available, Known For It's Rich Patina And Buttery Soft Feel. The Rabbit Fur Cuff make this a truly stylish glove. A Cashmere blend lining is perfect for those cold winter days. You can determine your glove size by measuring around your dominant hand (left or right) just under your knuckles excluding your thumb. Choose the size that is closest to the number you get from tape measure. For example, if you hand measures 7 3/4 inches, choose a size 8: S = 6½"; M = 7; L = 7½; XL = 8.


From the Victorian Era to Hollywood

Womens leather gloves became an integral part of womens fashion during the Victorian age in England. The "new look" designs of modern times have had leather gloves feature in haute couture collections. Movie stars have worn leather gloves. Marilyn Monroe wore pink leather gloves when she sang "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". Madonna loves to be seen wearing vampy leather gloves. Lady Gaga wears them well. Sharon Stone suits that leather look. From the 50's to the present day, celebrity-glove-wearing-starlets proved that leather gloves were fast becoming recognized amongst the fashion-smart, chic women all over the world.

Women world wide want to make a fashion statementand be assured that all eyes are on them.

And Beyond

Fashion occupies centre stage in our modern culture and is more visual now than ever before, thanks to the immense coverage from western media. Women realize that it is not simply a matter of social identity and being seen at the "right places", wearing the "right garments"; but that it has become an art. When a woman said, "Oh it's just something I threw together myself", she may not have realized it, but she may have started a cultural revolution!

Opera Length Italian Leather Gloves. Lined in Silk. 16". By Solo Classe
Opera Length Italian Leather Gloves. Lined in Silk. 16". By Solo Classe

The ultimate sensual elegance for a woman is to wear these 16" long opera leather gloves imported from Italy. Made of the softest kidskin leather they almost cover the entire arm. Imported from Italy



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