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The guide to a teenage girls life, for teens!

Updated on November 29, 2010

 Every girl wants an insturction manual to life. Well, This is the next best thing, A guide to a teenage girls life...

Don't worry about what other people think, because it distracts you from the most important person, YOU! I wont lie, it does matter what you look like, what you act like, and who  you are! People ARE going to judge you, but it your job to look, act, and feel your best.

Hygiene- Hygiene is a very important part of your life. Its always going to be there, and sooner or later, your going to have to learn the art of being clean. That means taking good care of your body! Take regular showers, wash your pretty face, brush your hair, wash your clothes, brush your teeth. Make sure you clean and fit always.

If you excerize and take care of your body, you will probably always have good health. This is very important and makes you feel nice!

Manners, and class- Having manners can get you far, but having manners AND class will get you very far. Being nice to people feels good, and you wont have any regrets. In twenty years, nerds will probably be your bosses, your crush will be old and chubby, and you wont be a mega  super star. But being nice to everyone will get you very far, and you wont have much enemies.

 School- Okay, ladies I'll tell you a secret: PEOPLE LIE! They gossip, lie, and hurt you. Don't be let down by this, its life. The most important thing is to get nice grades. Yeah I know "God this lady knows nothing". But let me tell you another secret. Im in eighth grade! Yeah, I know from experience, grades are very important.

Any Questions? Comments? Suggestions? BLABBER? Comments below! Thanks for reading!



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    • profile image

      Aimee 4 years ago

      The girl in the pic is Molly Quinn... Actress she is on Castle and recently we're the millers

    • profile image

      abeautygirl 4 years ago

      alll teenagers should enjoy enjoy and enjoy!!!we r proud to be a girl

    • profile image

      blaze 5 years ago

      Hi can you post more pics of u??

    • profile image

      Cat 5 years ago

      Who is the girl in the picture above

    • profile image

      emily 5 years ago

      what's the girls name in the picture?

    • profile image

      SaxonyRaine 5 years ago

      As far as school goes... You forgot Confidence. I am going to be a senior in highschool and the one thing that I came into highschool doing is having confidence in myself. I'm not afraid to stand out! I walked in with my head held high in high-fashion cloths in the middle of a jeans and t-shirt storm of girls. Trust me, you can change the way people do things if you go in thinking that you can. Now, since I went in and I did everything that people wouldn't do, I changed my schools "Dress Code" and all the girls are now stepping up and caring. Even the seniors when I became a freshman started to drift to my style and ask where I got something. DON'T BE AFRAID TO STAND OUT!

    • profile image

      himag girlly 5 years ago

      this girl page is really inspiring and i just touches my heart! XXXXXX