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Why Do People Modify Their Bodies to Fit the Appearance of Someone They're Not?

Updated on August 24, 2015
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Joseph is a print based writer, author, and poet. Joseph likes to share an assortment of different things with people.

In recent times, there have reportedly been a growing number of people who have altered their appearances to fit the appearance of someone they cherish. To obtain these particular appearances which would resemble that of a sitcom star, celebrity, or model; these select few and others had to get liposuction done, their eyelids creased or widened, along with other things closely related. Many wouldn't think that paying top dollar to change their bodily features for impersonation would be worth it, especially for reason of regret that may appear later on and the possibility that looks won't differ from what they were before. What kind of infatuation would bring this to someone's attention so much, that they would schedule appointments for routine touch-ups and laser procedure of their skin? Really, it is an admiration factor that probably goes back to when they were dumbfounded the first time they thought about blending in with popular culture, or it may just be them taking their interest in a person to a greater length. The ways in which people modify their bodies are so huge that they will spend countless amounts of money if it will complete their look and structure so that they are almost exactly resemblant to who they choose to look like. There have been more unusual ways people have gone about doing this besides receiving eyebrow lifts and implants, some being better and some being worse, but nevertheless, these people have volunteered themselves to possibly see malfunctions, if all does not go well. With glam and looks being obsessed over today in popular culture, those who wish to exact the image of an icon must know how to do it, hence the reason why there are others ways to commemorate an icon; maybe through purchasing clothing items relative to them, pictures, and even attending concerts/live events that they might even attend, but for others, this is not enough. Much of this isn't a problem but a concern, how one chooses to look or be perceived is not up to anyone else, but it is possible that people do it solely because of the fame and that they will be happy only if they do it, considering that comparisons will be made and their face will have a new meaning. Those who chose to undergo this unique form of treatment include a 30 year old mother of one from the U.S. who paid $25,000 for an enlargment of her cheeks and buttocks as well as a breast augmentation and lyposuction to gain a look similar to that of Jennifer Lawrence, two twins, also from the U.S., who received rhinoplasty to look like Brad Pitt at the height of his career, making the two wildly popular, and an Eastern Asian woman who had also received rhinoplasty, eye lid and eye socket treatment to allow her to look similar to the renowned model, Miranda Kerr, as hard as it is to believe. Whether it is for satisfactory purposes, shock, or even nobility, one thing that can be said is that doing such to one's body triggers positive feelings and responses that are both good and bad. There is no one reason why someone would choose to modify themselves to look a certain way; but usually it relates to empathy, passionate feelings, and unimpressive thoughts about one's self. Many people who undergo treatment cut ties with that way of life if it ruins them, much of this can also be made true in comparison to those that do a full figure change to complete their dream of becoming what they believe to be a completely different person. These growing looks that people aspire to take on are inevitably helping others to see just how promising beauty and restoration is in making a profit as well as promoting fads, happening more often all over the world, limits can almost be found nowhere, and certaintly there is an array of people waiting to make the headlines for what they chose to do at any given time despite who they are and how much they have already been exposed to people known to acclaim these actions.

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