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The lips of the moment: A how-to guide for a full, seductive pout.

Updated on August 20, 2016

A rising trend:

Full lips are presently associated with youthfulness,seduction,beauty and femininity. Although every face is beautiful for it's own reasons it seems the trend of having full,pouty lips has surpassed it's 15 minutes of fame and is here to stay- (atleast a while longer.) If you were born with full,luscious lips than this is your time to shine. If you were not born with fuller lips you can still enjoy the look of full lips without resorting to potentially harmful lip devices,painful,costly injections or surgery.

What is a "full" lip?:

The criteria for full lips is dependent on many cultural and personal factors. A full lip to one person can be too thin a lip to another. Generally speaking a lip that is defined as "full" is a lip that has a lot of visible pink area of the lip, a top lip that is plump in the middle and lips that are thick, with a curved cupid's bow. All of these traits can be mimicked with color cosmetics.

Supply list:

• A lipliner pencil in the shade of your choice. The shade should be a shade or two darker than your natural lip and skin tone otherwise your natural lipline will show through the lipliner which will give away where your natural lipline is.

• A translucent powder (for setting and mattifying your lipliner.)

• A mirror ( a mirror that magnifies is even better but your bathroom mirror will suffice.)

• Natural sunlight. If your bathroom has no window take a portable mirror and sit by a window in natural daylight. Daylight is the harshest,brightest light and it shines downward on you. If your makeup looks good in daylight it will look good in whatever lighting you stumble into throughout the day.

• A toothbrush

• Baking soda

• Vaseline or Chap stick

• A deep brown eyeliner/eyebrow pencil

• A white eyeliner pencil or a thin highlighter pencil.

Step 1: Preparing the lips

Apply several fingertips full of baking soda to your top and bottom lip until your lips are white and coated with a thick layer of baking soda.

Let the mask sit on your lips for 1 minute.

Using your toothbrush scrub your lips in a circular motion until the lips begin to tingle.

Rinse with warm water.

Apply a very thin layer of Vaseline or Chap stick to your lips. The goal is NOT to coat the lips with any more product than the lips will absorb. You want your lips to be soft,slick,clean and dry to the touch NOT greasy otherwise the lipliner will not hold and you will lose your look and have to reapply.

Step 2: Marking the lips

With your brown eye pencil place a very small brown dot above your lip line where each nostril ends. This is where your lips should begin to gradually get thicker.

Place a small, brown dot in each corner of your mouth.

Place a small, brown dot just above each of your lip peaks. (The peaks of your lips are the points at the very top of your Cupid's bow.)

Carefully draw a brown "v" in you philtrum (that little dimple above the peaks of your lips.

Carefully draw a small dash (straight line) under your bottom lip in the middle. The line should be no longer than the length of your natural fingernail.

Step 3: Lining your "new",fuller lips

Take your colored lip liner and connect your dots (not the v shape and dash that you drew just your dots.)

Begin in the corner of your mouth on one side and connect the dot from the corner in your mouth to the dot you drew that aligns with your nose and then connect that dot with the dot just above your Cupid's bow. Repeat with the other side of your mouth.

Line your bottom lip as usual.

Step 4: Setting your lips for all day wear

Take your loose or pressed powder and lightly apply it everywhere you lined and drew. A light application is the key,too much powder will cause your lipliner to flake and crack which will ruin the look. The key to making this look last is to keep the liner dry enough that it doesn't travel like wet lipstick will but not so dry that talking, eating, drinking and smiling will slowly cause your lipliner to crack and flake off during the day.

After powdering gently and carefully reline the lips a second time with the colored pencil to deepen the color after the powder application and to cover any brown that may be visible where you applied the dots. The brown v and the dash you drew should remain untouched for now.

Step 5: Final steps!!

Closely inspect your lips in the mirror by either leaning in close to a stationary mirror or by pulling a portable mirror close to your face. Inspect your lips. Smile and mouth a sentence to ensure you have lined in a way that looks natural.

Collect a small amount of Vaseline or Chap stick on your finger and place in in the middle of your top lip where your lip forms a bump. Repeat this on the two bumps or peaks of the bottom lip. In a circular motion massage this VERY small amount of product in gently until the liner on these "bumps" fades slightly. Be careful not to go up into the lip line itself. Stay strictly on the little "bumps" of the lip.

With a different,clean,dry finger gently rub the powdered brown v and dash that you drew earlier. The goal is to slightly fade the brown so that the marks are darker than the rest of your skin yet not bold and obvious.

Take your white liner or highlighter pencil and draw a gentle line above your drawn on lipline far enough above it that the two do not meet or mix. Go back over that white line and blend it slightly with a powdered finger.

Blot your lips gently on a piece of tissue.

To maintain this look be sure to carry a pressed powder compact and your colored lip liner with you. Lightly powder the lips when they begin to get oily. Should the lips crack due to over-drying you can either wipe off and reapply the liner or add a light coat of Chap stick to re-moisten the line.

Viola! You have full and pouty lips. When the trend dies down you can simply wipe them off and never reapply! There you have it- full lips that are cheap,easy and temporary. Have fun playing with and perfecting this look and know that whatever you were blessed with it's all beautiful - some features just have a moment where they get more attention. Once we've seen something enough the trend changes and something else gets a chance in the spotlight. Thus always strive for the temporary solution and love yourself through any and every trend that may surface.

For this look I recommend ...

NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencil 831 Mauve
NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencil 831 Mauve

The look above requires a creamy pencil that glides on easily. Most brand name, retractable pencils are good for this look. I recommend this particular brand and line of pencil. This is the color I personally use but remember to select a shade 2 shades darker than your natural lip shade and slightly deeper/more saturated than your skin tone.

Coty AirSpun Loose Face Powder 070-24 Translucent, 2.3 oz
Coty AirSpun Loose Face Powder 070-24 Translucent, 2.3 oz

Try this incredible lightweight, non-clumping, loose powder. This powder will add bulk to your liner, increasing your pout while ensuring long wear.

Decobros 8-inch LARGE Tabletop Two-sided Swivel Vanity Mirror with 7x Magnification, 13-inch Height
Decobros 8-inch LARGE Tabletop Two-sided Swivel Vanity Mirror with 7x Magnification, 13-inch Height

This is an ideal magnifying mirror for creating many looks including, but not limited to the look featured in this article. Avoid expensive mirrors or those with lights as they are unnecessary. All makeup should be done in natural daylight or in florescent overhead lighting if done in the evening. Mirrors cannot cast overhead light. Looking for an affordable,quality mirror? Go with this one!!

N.Y.C. New York Color Proof 24 Hr WP Eyeliner, Dark Brown, 0.042 Ounce
N.Y.C. New York Color Proof 24 Hr WP Eyeliner, Dark Brown, 0.042 Ounce

This affordable, waterproof pencil ideal for creating this look! It goes on creamy, resists flaking, blends well, is color fast and is very affordable. Doubles as an eyeliner and (for brunettes) a brow pencil.

L'Oréal Paris Infallible Eye Silkissime Eyeliner, Highlighter, 0.03 oz.
L'Oréal Paris Infallible Eye Silkissime Eyeliner, Highlighter, 0.03 oz.

A great highlighting pencil for creating the lip effect above. This pencil will draw light and attention to your new lip line!


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