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The meaning of Koi fish tattoo designs

Updated on November 13, 2010

There are thousands of tattoo designs that we often see in people’s bodies but among eastern cultures, the Koi fish tattoo designs are the most popular. The Koi fish tattoo designs trace its beginnings in Chinese history but it’s mostly the Japanese culture that value such design. The reason behind Koi fish tattoo designs are the admirable virtues of the Koi such as perseverance, ambition, achievement and dedication to one’s goal in life. Normally, koi fish tattoo designs are shown swimming in water which explains the challenges that they have to face. According to one popular Chinese legend, there were nine Kois with different personalities who befriended a princess. The fishes were named Akihito, Naruhito, Noryuki, Jakehiro, Michiko, Eko, Etsuko, Juri and Ikumi.Four of them were boys while five were girls. The whole bunch were equally determined, strong and intelligent but had varying personalities and character. They were proving their bravery and loyalty to her by promising that they would reach the Dragon’s Gate of the Yellow River. It is assumed that they would become dragons upon reaching the gate. As soon as they turn into dragons, they act as guards at the gates of the Emperor’s palace.
Koi fish tattoo designs are always the favorite choice since they symbolize the courage needed to face struggles as done by the koi. The rushing waters symbolize difficulties in life which the koi must overcome much like a person who has goals in life. Therefore, Koi fish tattoo designs also mean good luck and success which is why even some Yakuza members select this tattoo design. There are several tattoo shops that can wonderfully create different Koi fish tattoo designs for a price of course. The more complex and colorful the tattoo, the more expensive it gets.
Another meaning is attached to Koi fish tattoo designs –sexual orientation. According to many people, the current pop culture belief is that the direction which a Koi swims reveals one sexual orientation subtly. Lastly, Koi fish tattoo designs also reflects the bravery of a Samurai warrior who is unafraid to face death. If you’re considering the tattoo, browse online for beautiful koi fish tattoo designs.

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