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Flare Leg Jeans, Best Jeans For A Big Butt

Updated on March 5, 2016

You Have to Love Your Big Butt, Wear Flare. They Are The Best!

→Flare Leg Jeans, in my opinion, are the best jeans for a big butt.

It is so hard for the "Big Butt Girl" to get the respect she deserves. We talk about how the television shows and magazines today focus on the "Skinny" woman. And we talk about how hard this makes it on the little girls that we are trying to raise into self-confident women. And yet, I still see women trying their hardest to achieve "the perfect body," and obsessing about it, right in front of their little girls.

No doubt, we should all be trying to eat better, and exercise, and just get healthier in general. (Read my "How To Become Thin" article ;) ------>But the stress that we put on ourselves and children to be thinner is NO GOOD! Not to mention, the stress itself is quite possibly causing more harm than the extra weight. If we could only stop and enjoy what all it is that we have in this world, and enjoy ourselves, regardless of our weight or shape. The stress that we could cut out of our lives by only doing this, could elongate our lives by many years.

So, my point here, is that you need to find what it is that makes you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. If you can find what it is, the happiness that you will bring yourself will be phenomenal. You can be a woman of any size, and still find that piece of clothing that fits perfectly, and makes you feel 100% better about yourself.

For me, it was the Flare Leg Jeans!

Many people will think that this sounds absurd. But when I tell you that I feel like SuperWoman with the right pair of jeans on, it is in no way shape or form, even so much as an exaggeration. I put on my favorite pair of flare jeans, and I look at my big ol' booty in the mirror, and I get so excited, that I can think of nothing better to do than the "Pop Lock and Drop."

And I don't even dance normally.

Before getting pregnant, I was a "thicker girl". But while I was pregnant, I gained 80 more pounds. This is no small feat to beat! I lost only 40 pounds after giving birth.

So, now at a size 20, it was hard to find anything that I could put on, and feel even remotely good about myself. For the next few years, and not losing so much as another pound, I struggled with my clothing. I was constantly looking for something I could buy that would make me look sexy even at the size that I was. It was hard of course.

I did find a few pairs of jeans at Fashion Bug that weren't too bad, in fact I wore those jeans for a considerable amount of time, and felt a little better about myself. Finding cheap jeans of course is a struggle in itself, but finding Plus Size cheap jeans, is all that much harder.

Fashion Bug does have really good sales quite often, and of course they offer a pretty decent Plus Size selection. I have never been able to find my FAVORITE kind of flare jeans there, which by the way, is (not any particular brand) the Super Flare Jeans. But they do however have basic Flare Jeans.

Since I was working with a bigger booty, I felt like the bigger the flare, and the tighter in the butt area, the smaller I looked.

When switching to this kind of jean, I received numerous compliments on my supposed weight loss. (I had not lost anything by the way)

The Absolute Best Jeans For Curvy Women

My list of jeans for a big butt by brand, and then also availability.

Hydraulic Boot Flare Jeans. I don't usually wear the jeans unless they are just flare. What I mean by this is that I don't normally go for the bootcut of any kind anymore.

This pair of jeans is a little different. They are basically flare, but when dressing up with a pair of jeans, these are definitely the way to go. Just a tad bit smaller flare of the leg, and looks great with dress shoes.

Bongo Jeans. As I said before, I had a pair of Bongo flare jeans. At the time that I wore these, I was in a size 20. I absolutely loved those jeans! I had trouble ever finding another pair of size 20 Bongo's. If they do still make them, I would love to have the information to share with other size 20 women. I do wear a smaller size now, but I like having the information available to everyone. I just do not seem to have any luck with this.

If you can find flare Bongo's- get them! They fit beautifully.

Deb's Jeans. I also like Deb's which offers a couple of brands that fit well on the big butt. First of all, the Deb Brand jeans themselves. (Only flare of course.) They are well worth the money and last quite a while.

They make the big butt look plump and juicy!

Toxic. Another brand that they carry is the Toxic brand jeans.

These are another excellent quality jean, and the pockets on the butt are placed perfectly.

•Silver Jeans. I recently started wearing a variety of Silver jeans. I love these jeans. They seem to fit better every time I wash them. This is a bit unusual in my opinion, I think that many times, jeans wear down rather quickly and lose their shape. The Silver jeans come in a variety of styles such as Aiko, Lola, Suki, Frances, and many many more. The ones that I find best for the big butt I have shown below. These are the styles that I personally own and absolutely love!

•Seven For All Mankind Jeans. Much pricier and well worth it to have at least one pair in your closet. These are amazing and again, well worth the money. I like having a pair for those days that I'm feeling a little down in the dumps. They always make me feel better!

Hydraulic Boot Flare Jeans
Hydraulic Boot Flare Jeans
Frances Destructed Dark Wash Flare Jeans
Frances Destructed Dark Wash Flare Jeans
Lola Flare
Lola Flare
Aiko Flare
Aiko Flare
7 For All Mankind Bell Bottom Jeans
7 For All Mankind Bell Bottom Jeans

The Muffin Top

Don't Do the Muffin Top!

Does everyone know what I mean? I hope so. Nothing makes a woman look worse, or for that matter, fatter. For those of you who don't know what I mean, the muffin top is when you wear your jeans too tight around your waist, and the top of the pants digs deep into your "roll". Thus creating the shape of a muffin around your mid-section. DO NOT DO THIS!

You may have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that you have been wearing a size 18 for years now, and that maybe it's time to go to a size 20. But think of it like this. Would you rather worry about what number is typed on the tag that is on the INSIDE of the pants, or would you rather get something that is comfortable to bend over in, feels better, looks better, and is going to get you compliments all day long?

This subject right here is one that needs to be talked about much much more. Not only does wearing pants too tight give you the muffin top, but I think we all see too many times in one day the cracks of women's rear ends.

Leave your crack inside! No one wants to see it ladies. Pull those pants that fit snuggly around your bottom up, just a little bit, accompanied by a cute belt.

I hope everyone agrees that this looks ten times better than seeing someones muffin or crack, or both for that matter.


Say Hello to Your New Butt

My best advice is: When you are trying jeans on, DO NOT buy them unless your heart starts pounding at the sight of yourself once you have put them on.

Don't fork out any money until you are sure that the clothing fits you like a glove.

And once you find the brand, style, and perfect size all in the same jean, don't hesitate to do a little online shopping. The internet alone, has so many special offers from these department stores, sometimes on items not even found in the actual store itself.

And once you are the proud owner of those butt hugging, sexy, Super Flare Leg Jeans, well then all you have to do is.......Say Hello to Your New Butt!


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    • profile image

      cheap jeans 

      7 years ago

      O yes! i've been using this for the whole month.. hehe great jeans. thumbs up for the quality.

    • Miss Markayla profile imageAUTHOR

      Miss Markayla 

      8 years ago from Indiana

      Richard-You rock for that! Thank-You!

    • livewithrichard profile image

      Richard Bivins 

      8 years ago from Charleston, SC

      You did a really good job on this hub, are you sure you're new here?


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