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The Products You Should and Should Not Use for Piercing Aftercare

Updated on April 7, 2018

What to USE and what NOT to use for the aftercare of you new piercing

What TO use - These products will keep your new piercing from any infection or skin damage. 50% of people who get piercing use home remedies such as lukewarm water and a pinch of salt also another remedy is oil based soap and again lukewarm water as they draw out infections and don't dry out the skin or cause any skin damage. But the other 50% of people with piercing like to use these effective products:

Tea Tree Oil - This help sooth and free all irritation from the raw piercing.(use only high quality Tea Tree Oil that has been diluted with distilled water)

Saline Solution - This is a reasonably cheap product that is very effective in soothing and healing new piercings.

Emu Oil- This product is a universal healing product it gives exceptional results when healing a piercing.

The products above are advised to be used at least twice a day so it has a better effect on drawing out all infections and fighting off the risk of skin damage.

What NOT! use - These products I advise you not to use due to the fact that they dry out the skin around the raw piercing and damage/kill good blood cells. These products are:

Rubbing Alcohol - This product is and Alcohol which causes your skin to dry out and also causes the piercing to start irritating which could lead to a infection.

Ointment - Antibacterial Ointments or similar products clog your pores and damage/kill the good blood cells in your skin whilst trying to heal the fresh piercing,

I hope this advise helped if you have any questions please comment and ill reply to the best I can to give you the answer/help that you need/want.

Images of the Products to use for the aftercare of new piercings

healing product
healing product | Source
healing product
healing product | Source
healing product
healing product | Source

Instructions on what to do with the healing/cleansing product for your piercing

  1. Before using each of these products you must make sure you cleanse the raw piercing using only warm water applying it with a cotton wool ball. Then you apply a reasonable amount of the healing product.
  2. You must use the healing product you have chosen at least twice a day so that it has a better effect of fighting away infections and skin damage using the instructions above.

© 2018 charlie fowler


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