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The return of Leggings as a replacement for pants.

Updated on May 6, 2016

I see young ladies with in vogue tops and larger than average shirts all matched with leggings; the 90s in vogue gym-wear that flew in with the working out fever. It’s not the work out fever now, it is this only another level of sluggishness that fashion has come to.

Because of past Fashion Months’ runways, leggings are no more a thing to keep away from. Rather, they're going to end up a staple in the majority of our closets. They demonstrated leggings have arrived to stay, so you should acknowledge them. It might be on account of I am unshakable, or in light of the fact that I really trust that this legging furor is the lowest possible quality and we can just go up from here.

I read one of the articles that said wearing leggings is being a genuine women's activist in light of the fact that in the historical backdrop of ladies' fashion was uncomfortable. I genuinely think, however, it might be judgmental. This thought of leggings conveying empowerment to ladies did make me think once, yet no, leggings aren't an insubordination; they are an easy decision. Everything "goes" with them, they are agreeable, there is no overhang and you can buy them all around. They take the innovativeness out of dressing.

I would always go by the quote of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, “tights are not pants!”. Concluding this hub I would say that I hope every trendy girl puts her leggings collection in the pajama closet and finds solace with jeans.


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    • profile image

      Nisha 2 years ago


    • profile image

      Shaily 2 years ago

      That's so true!

    • profile image

      Monica Rathod 2 years ago

      So true

    • profile image

      Opel jhonson 2 years ago

      Hear hear. I he been tllng ppl dis awl d tym. No one js listns.

    • profile image

      RabbitInTheCap 2 years ago

      true that!! i loved your article!!

    • profile image

      paula222 2 years ago

      please keep links to your instagram and snapchat. :)

    • profile image

      vanessa1908 2 years ago

      m a big fan of gg as well. i luv it dat how v r soo similarrr! n ys!! leggings r nt a symbl of female empowrmnt.

    • profile image

      swarvora 2 years ago

      nice blog! :)