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The shoe obsession, to buy new shoes is good for the soul!

Updated on August 16, 2012

My Dream Closet!

If you love shoes, you know exactly what I'm talking about, I'm sure you've been called obsessed or a shopaholic because all you do is purchase new shoes for a hobby. I've loved unique shoes for as far as I could remember, I've been called obsessive and a shoe addict since I was 15 years old. I always wondered what it was that made buying a pair of new shoes so enjoyable.

When I was younger, I would purchase the affordable shoes, I wouldn't say they were comfortable but hey, sometimes we have to give a little to gain a lot. Now, I am older and realize the importance of having good shoes, after all, they carry me around right?

I'm fortunate that I can afford the designer brands, not to say they are more comfortable, but they're definitely more unique. A local shoe sale is like attending Cinderella's ball for me. To be able to find the one pair that's so unique and different, it makes me feel like I just conquered the world. This obsession can get expensive real fast, luckily there's a lot of sources that allow you to save on this enjoyable obsession. There are sites like Zappos but they don't really carry the higher end brands like Chanel Shoes and Dior Shoes, but for everyday shoes, it's a great source and they offer free shipping.

I don't know if it's buying new shoes that makes me happy but it's how you feel when you wear the new shoes, confident, sexy, and the excitement of planning an event to wear those new shoes to, makes it even more enjoyable.

I keep my obsession under control by having set rules, I never buy shoes at full price, I will only buy designer shoes on sale or that are last year's model and Ebay is a great source for grabbing a deal in the last few seconds. If you ask people around me, they will tell you that shoes are the highlight of my day, it's silly really but it's what makes me happy and it's what makes the outfit.

Another great source for buying inexpensive designer shoes is shopstyle, they have an Iphone app, and a they offer a great price comparison with a great visual of the shoe you're about to receive. We all have our joys, mine is unique designer shoes, I wouldn't call it a shoe obsession, I would just call it a shoe habbit, do what makes you happy, enjoy every minute because life sweeps by quicker than the next shoe purchase. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about the things that make you feel happy. It is you that creates the obsession and it is you that controls the obsession.

There's a want and a need in life, you need to pay your bills, make sure there's food on the table, your family is well cared for and all your priorities are in order, once you've gotten the needs taken care of, there's nothing wrong with wanting. If you want to buy a new pair of designer shoes, go ahead and feed the shoe obsession that makes you smile.


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