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Gucci Pour Homme II-Review

Updated on June 1, 2015

My first review of 2010 will be on Gucci Pour Homme II. I came about this scent via a dude conference a couple of weeks ago. While visiting local hardware store at 7:00PM on a Friday night, looking for a plunger (a woman’s magazine told single women to go to hardware stores on Friday nights to find eligible men with homes, this dude was obviously overdressed for a Lowes)I passed a man who sprayed on a little too much cologne.

Nevertheless, it caught my fancy. I took a shot and asked what it was. This dude shared his cologne secret and the reason he was walking around Lowes on a Friday night with a hammer in his hand. He claims he picked up a couple of numbers.

May I never have to stoop as low as hanging out at a hardware store to meet women…But just in case, I’m putting this place on my list of joints to meet women. It has a certain logic to it.

Back to the review. I grabbed a bottle of Gucci Pour Homme II (EPP) which was rolled out in 2007. The notes of this scent are:

  • Top Notes-Bergamot, Violet Leaves
  • Middle Notes-Pimento, Black Tea, Cinnamon
  • Base Notes-Tobacco Leaves, Musk, Myrrh, Olive Wood
This scent is classified as woody/citrus scent but I think of it more as a spicy maybe oriental scent.

My plan for testing this scent in field was to meet up with my wing woman for drinks and an after the holidays catch up session at the local meet and greet cattle market. My decision to go to this place prompted me to hit myself with two good shots knowing I’m going to a smoke filled place.

The opening came right out and was pretty strong. My first thought was a I put a little too much on. By the time I arrived at the hole, the middle notes were kicking in with a spicy burst leaving the initial citrus blast behind.

The middle notes for some reason kicked off the response I would have to cookies being baked. I wondered if the middle notes that showed up as I came through the door would hold up to the smoke of a bar. They did hold up but not as well as I would have hoped.

The base notes were lost in that atmosphere I found myself in. After about 3 hours of hanging out doing my thing, we moved onto the local greasy spoon for a glutton’s delight platter consisting of fried appetizers.

I noticed my test scent was still with me. The middle notes were just dying out as our platter arrived at the table.  The base notes kicked in, they were noticeable but on a subdued level. I couldn’t pick up on the most of the base notes but I did pick up on the myrrh(I’m an amateur aromatherapist…Hmmm…I’ll have to add that to my blogs in the future). My friend, she picked up on the musk like she should have being a woman.

I really like this scent. It has earned a place in my collection. The oooh ahh factor as judge by my wing woman’s reaction would be a 6 on 10 scale. My use for this scent will be as a daytime work scent. It would also work as a great travel scent. It could also pull double duty as a scent that can be used at a meet and greet at a non-smoking spot. All in all it held out just over five hours with me still catching whiffs of it as I bedded down for the night. I will continue to use it during the winter but I feel it would make a better summer scent as it comes off fairly light.

*I learned this is pronounced “ahm”


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