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The right food for healthy hair

Updated on June 21, 2007

Feed your hair... the following foods are things you can apply directly to your hair to get great results. They are natural, so they aren't hurting you or the environmental (and they are a lot cheaper than going to the salon). Most of us have these in our fidge, so take them out and they em, and let me know what you think!


Yogurt has long been known to be a great hair conditioner, and has been used to replace hair conditioners all together. You can buy a bottle of hair conditioner that has ingredients meant to imitate the results yogurt gives you or you can just apply yogurt instead. Yes, real edible yogurt. Purchase plain yogurt, the normal full fat kind and run it through your hair in the same way you would a rinse out conditioner. Your hair will be baby soft and have a great shine.


I've always said the avocado is better for more than just guacamole. Avocado does wonder on limp, lifeless hair and treats problems like split ends naturally. If you need to treat lifeless hair that lacks luster mash an avocado with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply the paste to your hair and tie it up for twenty minutes, when the time is up rinse the paste completely out of your hair. Nothing left to do but enjoy the new body and bide your time till the next treatment.

If split ends are your issue a quick avocado fix will straighten your problem out, till you get yourself into the salon. Mash an entire avocado and add a cup of coconut milk, apply the paste to the tips of your hair and let it do its magic for fifteen minutes. Your split ends will no longer be noticeable when you rinse out the paste and the temporary fix will last about a week.


Perpetually greasy looking roots could use a quick cornstarch treatment to help absorb excess oil. If you have an excess of oil in your hair rub some cornstarch into the roots of your hair before washing and just rinse out in the shower. Wash and blow dry your greasy hair problems away.


Honey is a great moisturizer for both skin and hair, especially coarse hair is quickly softened with a honey based treatment applied to the hair. For shoulder length hair combine two tablespoons of honey with a quarter cup of olive oil, double the ingredients for longer hair.

Apply the mixture to your hair and cover with a shower cap or in a bun on the top of the head. After twenty minutes rinse out the treatment and towel dry hair.


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  • Vic's Vox profile image

    Vic's Vox 10 years ago

    Natural! Natural! Natural! That's what I like. I'll be sure to feed some yoghurt to my hair real soon! Thanks!

  • livelonger profile image

    Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

    This is useful information, but it did remind me of this satirical article at The Onion: