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There are Wonderful Sources of Minerals in the World

Updated on December 12, 2012

This discourse was written for a Japanese friend of mine who needed to explain to a number of Japanes farmers why this source of minerals would work satisfactorily. There are great source of minerals, the world over, and it is remarkable how we find ourselve working to sale one source over another when in actuality they are are very good in their own ways, depending on what you are trying to do with them. This BM 77 has worked very well for Asians who are happy with it. I am sharing the written discourse for this mineral because it is good reading and because it can be used as a teaching tool. Whatever mineral source that you use, enjoy it. Peace be with you. 


BM 77 for Life and for a Life more Abundantly


 A leading scientific authority on minerals in America once said to me, “BM 77 has greater substance than any of the other sources of minerals available anywhere in the world.”  What did he mean by this? If BM 77 has greater substance than all the other sources of mineral, this means that it is more valuable than all the others. What did the scientist mean by “substance?” Substance is “that which makes a thing to be what it is.” In other words, the “best stuff” is to be found in the “best substance. “ “Stuff,” being used because of the lack of a better word to describe a quality product, (BM 77), that  go beyond the means of words to describe it.

     This discourse may read more like a philosophical discussion than like the scientific discourse that it is, but this is no problem because we all know, within the greater scientific community, that the proper application and use of minerals is both an “art” and a “science.” Over 70 different substances make up BM 77 Gold Yellow, that is, both major factors and minor factors, factors that are required for the optimal growth and development of all plants and animals, are found within the BM 77 Gold Yellow substance).

   Agricultural experts, friends of mine, who are very familiar with current advances in the field of  Chelation Science (effects of chelated minerals on living systems), and experts on the effects of BM 77 on the pH within animals gastrointestinal systems have asked me to include the following statements that may benefit those who will use BM 77. “The pH factor of BM 77 has an average of 4.2 which neutralizes the acidity in the animal’s digestive system so the animal can digest more of the food intake. The chelation washes out the heavy metals and toxic substances. Therefore, food intake will be 10 to 12% less for the same or more production while producing a healthier animal. The cost of BM 77 is offset by the cost of less feed intake.”

     The question has arisen, “Why is Balanced Mineral 77 Gold Yellow better than other sources of mineral?” Another question is, “Why is the cost of BM 77 somewhat greater than other sources of mineral? In my work with medical research professionals, that is, professors within a number of universities, within university farm environments, it was brought to my attention that they had observed better results in the animal feeds or rations that contained BM 77, without exceptions. When one observes these better results in the growth and development of cattle, swine, poultry and fish, using a readily available, quality mineral (which happened to be BM 77), one tends to want to “stick with,” or hold fast to, that which has worked best in all situations. It is true that BM 77 may cost a bit more than minerals that can be procured elsewhere more cheaply, but with BM 77 one tends to get consistently superior results, that is, better performance, for the extra money that one spends for a quality product.

     BM 77 is obtained from the Eastern aspect of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. An attempt to describe the true value and meanings that this fact has upon the “power” of BM 77 to do what we say it will do goes beyond the scope of this discourse. This discourse is not meant to deal with the value of substances obtained from the “sacred” mountains of the Sierra Nevada. So, we will just “hold fast” to the scientific facts.

     Once we obtain the mineral from its source (the Sierra Nevada Mountains), which is a difficult process that cost time and money, we process the mineral, package it, and ship it out to customers. This is a rather expensive process. We consider the process of procuring the mineral and shipping it to you, worth the cost, because we consider our work a service to humanity, because we are able to provide the very best product to the marketplace. We get “Joy” out of what we do, for a lack of a better word. We provide the best produce to you for the lowest cost (actually the best price) that we can afford and still make a reasonable profit (which is fair in business). We believe in “win-win” situations in business transactions, and that we all have to make a profit in order to survive in the business world.

     We producers, here at the Balanced Mineral 77 Mining and Export Company, take great pride in our quality products and we appreciate the opportunity that is being offered to us to market our quality products in Japan. We appreciate the value that Japanese people place upon true “quality” products

     BM 77 will deliver the results that we promise you it will. This fact, that is, the promise that BM 77 will perform as we say it will (we give you out “word of honor” which is worth more than any contract), makes this product worth the money that you will pay us for it. There is no other product like BM 77.

     Allow me to share with you one of my favorite case studies on the performance of BM 77. There was once a man who lived in a valley named Mr.
Big Boy Scruggs. Mr. Big Boy was a very old man. Actually, he was so old that no one alive, who lived around and about, could remember when Mr. Big Boy was a child. When I was a child, living in the valley, I used to ask other older people, “Can you remember when Mr. Big Boy was a little boy?” Jokingly, they would say to me, and then laugh about it, “Mr. Big Boy was always an old man.” Of course, we know that this is not true, but as a young child, I believed what the older people had told me.

     Actually, Mr. Big Boy Scruggs was 105 years old when he died in 1958. I was 11 years old in 1958. But I was wise and knowledgeable beyond my years, at eleven years of age because Mr. Big Boy had taught me the names of all the plants in the valley and the names of all the animals. I knew all the herbs and I know how to use them to treat diseases and to maintain the health of animals and plants, to the extent that Mr. Big Boy had taught me.

     Mr. Big Boy could not read or write in English or any other language. He was born in 1853. He was an African slave and he talked about how his family used to work in the tobacco fields. When he was 11 years old he told me that he remembered the Battle of Franklin. He said the smoke arose from the valley like it was coming from a great oven. It was the smoke from black power weapons being fired and houses being burned. Bodies littered the valley by the thousands. It was one of the decisive battles of the great Civil War between the North and the South. The war between the North and the South, the American Civil War, a war that began in 1861 when Mr. Big Boy was 8 years old, left a mark on Mr. Big Boy’s life, even though the war was over by the time he was 12 years of age.

     I am proud of the herbal medicine that Mr. Big Boy taught me. I later went on to Medical School at one of America’s best Universities and got my medical degree. I practiced medicine for many years and did some great research in the field of Bone Marrow Transplantation. Some of the things that Mr. Big Boy taught me helped me take care of sick people in hospitals.

     The reason that I have included Mr. Big Boy in this discourse is because of his use of the minerals, or clays, as he would call them. Mr. Big Boy knew Natives Americans (we called them Indians back in the old days). Mr. Big Boy could get whatever he wanted from anywhere in the country. He knew men called HoBos that used to ride freight trains all over the country. These men used to “hobo” trains, that is, hitch rides by jumping into box cars, and they did not pay money to ride trains. Mr. Big Boy had substances that came from all over the country.

     Now, Mr. Big Boy did not call BM 77 by the name that we use to describe it. Mr. Big Boy called it what he wanted to call it, but he used it. One of the ways that Mr. Big Boy used the minerals was in dental hygiene. He uses the mineral to care for his teeth, his gums and the other soft tissues of his mouth. When Mr. Big Boy died in 1958, he had all of his teeth. He had no dental caries. His teeth were white, like ivory. His mouth and teeth care system is something that people in Japan would probably like to learn about. My reason for mentioning “The Case Study of Mr. Big Boy Scruggs,” however is simply to give you an idea of how powerful BM 77 can be. There are no limits for how much good BM 77 can be if it is used the correct way.


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I have never heard of BM 77 but if it does all that you say it does...and if there is enough source should be widely marketed. Have scientific case studies been done which reference this product? Is it for human as well as animal consumption? Where is it sold?


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