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These boots were made for walking

Updated on April 10, 2015

These Boots were Made for Walking

Wintertime – time for snuggling into those cosy boots. Warm feet and legs against the cold of the ground and the worst the weather can do. How we love them!!!! Long leg boots, short leg boots, those that come just above the ankle. Fashion and warmth!!!

“These boots were made for walkin” sang Nancy Sinatra, in her most famous song. However – where? How do you use your boots? Are you the athletic type that likes to walk to work? Do you commute by public transport or get to work by car? Is fashion the main criteria? Colour co-ordination? Cost?

One or two pairs is definitely not enough. Our fabulous winter shoes should be as varied as our summer variety and why not! Let us face it, in many parts of the world there are more cold months than warm months in a year!!!!

There is a whole world of boots out there. Real style. High or low heels, long or short, high fashion or utilitarian.


Knee length fashion boots took their inspiration originally from the boots men wore for fishing, gardening etc. - the Wellington boot. Called the Wellington boot after the popular Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington invented them in the early 1800s. Or at least he told his bootmaker the type of boot he required, the then Hessian boot did not meet his needs or the needs of his army.

Everyone agreed with him, they became very popular indeed as their uses became obvious.

Until the middle of last century women too wore them if they were out in the wet. A handy footwear for the elements, but it so lacked style.

Inspired Fashion Gurus saw the need and the knee length boot for women was born. Now very popular not only for its protection against the elements but for the style it creates. Looks good. Very good.

Classic chic

Calvin Klein Women's Logan Wide Calf Boot
Calvin Klein Women's Logan Wide Calf Boot

Calvin Klein is a premier American designer. This boot is wrapped in rich suede from pointed toe to curvy shaft. Sleek. Easy-entry side zipper. $228.95


Paris led the way

Andre Courreges was the first designer to realise that the boot needed a make over. This Paris designer revolutionised the footwear world as he revolutionised the rest of the fashion world. He came from a background of engineering to the fashion world and he took it by storm with his futuristic ideas.

A Frenchman he was born in the Pyrenees in Pau, a most beautiful areas of the world and this must have developed his love of beauty and balance. Pau has a connection too with the Duke of Wellington who had a garrison of troops in the area.

His GoGo Boots were a low heeled boot that accentuated the leg. Need great legs to wear them. The style is still very much in vogue. Lengths vary from calf to above the knee. The boot is slim and requires a side opening. Very neat and lovely.

Gogo comes from an ancient French word which meant joy. This term evolved into meaning plenty and finally into something that was all the rage. Then came the GoGo Dancers in the 1960s who wore high heeled boots that were knee length. The Gogo boot is thought to be named for these dancers, but Courreges' boot has a low heel.

Australia Luxe Collective Women's Fame Tall Over-the-Knee-Boot
Australia Luxe Collective Women's Fame Tall Over-the-Knee-Boot

Surround your feet in luxury. The grade-A Australian sheepskin upper is extremely soft. Adjust the boot's shaft to fit above or below your knee for two different looks in one.


Calf length boot

Boots took off as a fashion item in their own right. Nowadays the knee length boot comes in many, many styles. Wider leg styles are very popular for not many of us have the legs for the slim style!

Many women find the calf length boot ideal for this boot's design follows the curve of the leg. While the calf length boot gives more width for the leg with style, if one has good calves they are the one! Do not feel so hot as the longer lengths perhaps.

Even so they can make the leg look wider than it is and should be avoided by some. All the same very useful indeed under trousers or long skirts.

The higher thigh boot

The higher thigh boot was also worn by men – fishermen mainly – see them in the river with a fly rod! Those ones are often waist length and known as waders!

The fashion thigh boot for women is totally different and set often in high fashion with perhaps platform soles and very high heels indeed. Although lower heights are often available. OK for the tall person with longer slim legs. However they have also have a 'stigma' from the sex industry so consequently not a popular choice.

Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots are perhaps the most popular. Fashionable for nearly two hundred years they are as easy to wear as shoes, . These boots are often worn by both men and women as they protect the wearer outdoors and look good indoors. They protect the ankle, perhaps only just to the ankle or covering it completely.

Often used as work boots in industry and the armed services, here they are heavier and sturdier.

As a leisure boot for both men and women it is a lighter, but often still sturdy style that can still be immensely handy. The more fashionable ankle boot can be worn in the office.

Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots originated in Australia but the American market also produces them. (Bit of an argy bargy over the name here but that is another story.) This boot is sooooo cosy, it has fleece on the inside and the outside is tanned. Very popular indeed. Deservedly so.

  • So many styles to choose from. Does one really need a reason these days?


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