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Thicker Natural Hair with Organic Shea Butter Wash

Updated on August 28, 2013

Since it's a natural method, I didn't see the harm in trying it. The process is as simple as shampooing, so it wasn't an inconvenience, either. So on wash day, I chose not to use my shampoo and instead picked up my Natural Shea Butter Cream with ylang ylang essential oils from Angie's Heavenly Treats and went to work.

Thicken Your Hair with an Organic Shea Butter Wash

Thin hair. It's an irritant. I fear the thought of straightening my hair, because that makes the hair look thinner. For those of you who suffer from thin hair or fine strands, then there's a solution: it's called the Shea butter wash.

The Shea butter wash?

I'll admit that I was skeptical at first. This routine, which claims to thicken fine hair, consists of using Shea butter and oils as a shampoo treatment. Afterwards, you shouldn't follow up with a conditioner, as this may reverse the thickening process.

Shea Butter Wash

Natural Shea Butter Cream w/ Ylang/ylang Essential Oils (8 oz)
Natural Shea Butter Cream w/ Ylang/ylang Essential Oils (8 oz) | Source
Wash Your Hair with a small amount of shampoo IF necessary to remove all the Shea butter
Wash Your Hair with a small amount of shampoo IF necessary to remove all the Shea butter | Source

Organic Shea Butter Wash: The Process

I think the process was one of the reasons why I was sold on the idea: the washing routine is simple. Secondly, when you use natural ingredients, such as organic Shea and oils, this can only lead to healthier, stronger hair.


1. Take a tablespoon (or more or less, depending on your hair length) and mix it with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.

2. Once you have a smooth mixture, wet your hair and lather the Shea mix all over, from root to tips.

3. Put on a shower cap and leave the Shea mix in for 5-10 minutes.

4. Wash it out.

5. (Optional step) If the Shea mixture is too thick to easily wash out, then use a small amount of shampoo mixed with a little butter. Make sure the consistency is thin, and then massage the original mix out of your hair. Next time, revise the Shea/oil mix so it won't be as thick.

7. Let your hair dry.

But that's not all you have to do with this routine. Most importantly, you need to be consistent in order to see a difference.

Was There a Difference?

If you've reached this part of my article, I'm sure you've already posed this question: Was there a difference? The answer is YES, after consistent use, you will see a difference in your hair texture.

For me, my hair has grown (not much) but the new growth is noticeably thicker. Whenever I wash my hair with organic Shea butter, it temporarily thickens my hair. Yes, just temporarily. But the I'll bet the thick new growth is not temporary.

After reading what others had to say who tried this routine, apparently it takes time to notice extreme changes. A month to two months, on average.

Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Shine

No, my hair didn't turn out THIS thick, but my curl pattern was similar (after small twists and then letting the twists out) but the bounce was on point.
No, my hair didn't turn out THIS thick, but my curl pattern was similar (after small twists and then letting the twists out) but the bounce was on point.

Other Benefits of the Shea Butter Wash

On top of the temporary thickness, and thicker new growth, I have also noticed that my hair is growing faster. I haven't changed anything in my routine, so I can only assume the Shea butter wash is creating the extra growth. Maybe not, but I'm at least definite on one fact: my hair is growing faster.

After styling my hair, I also notice that it's bouncier. Overall, it appears healthier and I like the addition of the extra virgin olive oil, because it contributes to shine. I'll continue this routine for another month and hope the results improve over time.

Why use Shea Butter from Angie's Heavenly Treats?

Honestly, you can use any kind of Shea butter or thick butter you please, such as mango butter. The reason I used the Shea butter from Angie's Heavenly Treats is because the ingredients are vegan, natural, and are known to thicken hair and make it healthier.


  • Fair Trade Shea butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Vitamin E

And whenever I style with this product, it leaves my hair soft for days. So I thought to myself: "Why not use it for the Shea butter wash?" So I did, and it's working.

I'll be eager to experiment later down the road, because our hair grows "immune" to certain products when used frequently, such as our bodies grow immune to vitamins. Switching Shea butter to mango butter sounds appealing, and using a different hair oil couldn't hurt-so long as it's natural.

Let's Take a Poll!

Will You Try an Shea Butter Wash for Thicker Hair?

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These Were MY Results

These were my results, which I'm more than happy to report on. Just keep in mind that these were my results, and I'm sure (about 100% sure) that each person who tries this routine will have different results. Some may see a difference sooner than two weeks, while it may take longer for others.

But don't be so skeptical as to not try the routine at all. Like I said earlier, you're using natural, beneficial ingredients. That may not get your hair to the thickness you envisioned, but at the same, it won't harm your hair.


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    • Ria Rankine profile image

      Ria Rankine 3 years ago from Oregon

      I hope your results turn out well!

      And here is a full "Hair Thickening Routine" I do: (

      When combined, these three methods should definitely improve fine/thin hair. IF we're consistent.

      Hope the link is informative!

    • profile image

      Hairlover 4 years ago

      Great article! I have been hearing of this and will be trying. Thanks!

    • Ria Rankine profile image

      Ria Rankine 4 years ago from Oregon

      Shea butter is great on so many levels. Have you tried the shea butter wash? Take the poll! And if you do, share your results! I'd love to see how others are doing with this shea butter wash routine.

    • stacytm profile image

      stacytm 4 years ago from London

      I love shea butter! It's so good for you and is great for hair and body :)

    • Ria Rankine profile image

      Ria Rankine 4 years ago from Oregon

      I'm glad there's further proof that it works! I do it twice a week, but I think I'll go down to once a week. And I like the idea of using cocoa butter to wash...1 tablespoon of cocoa butter (or mango butter) and a teaspoon of thickening NATURAL shampoo to wash out the shea butter mix will probably add thickness, fullness, strength and (hopefully) growth.

      All I know is this shea wash is now a staple in my hair care routine.

      Thanks for the response!

    • profile image

      Stace 4 years ago

      Thank you so much for this. I found some similar info on this on at the beginning of the summer and girl let me tell you, I agree with every single thing you posted. Anyone try this will not regret it. My fine hair is much thicker, fuller, and stronger! Sometimes, I think my mind is playing tricks on me at fast my hair is growing. I use Cocoa body butter to wash.