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Over the Knee Socks?

Updated on January 12, 2011

On one of my quests for a new way to spice up my wardrobe, I discovered a new trend via the thigh high/over the knee socks. Because I wear a lot of dresses and tights, I thought this idea was ingenious and adorable. So I went out and bought a pair at Target for five bucks. Completely worth it.

They are awesome.

However, I cannot bring myself to go out in them yet. I keep questioning whether or not these argyle socks are slutty or too cute to pass up.

I've come to the conclusion that it's a little bit of both. It depends on how short the dress is. (Most of my dresses are microscopic.) It depends on what shoes I wear with them. Heels make them a little sluttier. Mary Jane heels look a little less slutty than a basic pair of black stilettos. Flats look the best-- the least provocative (as in-- I'm not going to look like a school-girl out of a porno).

My question is, are these thigh high socks going to be a lasting trend, next to patterned tights and leggings? I hope so.


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