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Luxury Watches for Dummies: Features of a Watch

Updated on October 16, 2018

Watches are manly

Men wear few accessories by choice. We don’t match our earrings to our purse, or our bracelets to our shoes. We just don’t, and we’re proud of it. A classy timepiece, however, is our exception to that rule. We have this one area in which to garland ourselves in a fusion of glorious craftsmanship and ageless beauty, to sport something that reflects our individuality and distinction from the masses.

How to pick a watch

You will want to begin your search with a few basic bits of knowledge to help you identify the watch that is best for you. You must consider the functions you require from your arm jewelry as there are many choices that affect everything from size and weight to the cost you can expect to pay.

A look inside a high-end Swiss watch workshop

Choose your style. Having more than one preserves both for longer, and changes your style up.

interchangeable bands and faces make variety a reality.
interchangeable bands and faces make variety a reality.


Style is also a big factor when choosing because that is what the world sees; it can be a reflection of pride or status, or a complete refrain from either. Here is where the fine hand of a master comes into play, and you will have something one-of-a-kind. Or, you choose something that is utilitarian and simply decorated. Both can set you back pretty good.

Lastly you will need to figure out what you are willing to invest into this toy. And yes, I said invest because that is exactly what you do when you purchase a luxury watch, and because some watches cost as much as boats, jet skis, motorcycles and so on - toys seemed appropriate. .

Functions, aka complications

Comparing your preferences against the endless variety available will weed out some of the unfavorable and aid you in picking the perfect timepiece. But function may be the most important aspect to a man’s watch. What do you want out of it? There are choices for the world travelers that display different time-zones, compass, and even multiple calendars. Then of course chronographs, which are simply combination timepiece /stopwatch, are still widely purchased. One function that I personally enjoy is the automatic winding mechanism. Rolex uses the Perpetual system on their fine watches, a design that recharges the motor using kinetic energy, the energy created by our own movement. When you use an auto-winding watch, you become the power plant. If you die, it dies with you.

Next you have to check out all the different styles because this is what helps define you at first glance, and let’s face it fellas, usually a glance is all you got. I hope you have more than your nice watch though if she gives you her attention, it will only carry you oh so far. This aspect is important for you to show off your personal style and individuality, loud and obnoxious or subtle and classy. Maybe somewhere in the middle?

Style: Detail and Design

They say ‘God is in the details’; 'they' including Michelangelo, Aby Warburg, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. One could see the many exquisite details found on high-end watches and surmise that the hand of God was present in its conception. Some may be inlaid with precious stones such as diamonds, pearls, and rare gems. Everyone is familiar with the 18 carat gold Cartier Panthere (special thanks to reader Orlando for the corrected info), Michael Douglas made it famous in the first Wall Street. That’s a shining example of the precious metals that are filigreed, layered, and emblazoned on some variants. Metals like white and yellow gold, silver, platinum, and even titanium are used extensively in designer brand lines.

As far as style goes, detail is only as good as the impression it creates overall. Hand-etching and exotic embellishments sometimes adorn the fine surfaces to create intricate designs and impressions. This will certainly have a significant and direct effect on the price.

What gives a watch value

The cost is the final, and most divisive, consideration when buying a timepiece. Prices have soared to unfathomable heights in recent years due to advanced manufacturing techniques, new ways to awe, and customization that are only limited by the imagination of the recipient. Alternately, beware of nice looking watches that have a suspiciously light price tag. When something appears too good to be true, it probably is. That’s your God-given common sense kicking in, listen to it- you are probably looking at a counterfeit

The things that make a watch expensive in the first place are what insiders call complications. These are the functions and details of the watch that have nothing to do with the primary goal: accurately telling time. Everything we have gone over so far would be considered complications, and rightly so because they require either a master’s delicate touch or a precision calibrated computerized mechanism. Both of which aren’t cheap.

Well-crafted watches increase in value over time

Also keep in mind what I said before about a really nice watch and the value it holds, or is increased by, as time goes by. Like valuable art, precious and rare elements do not depreciate, allowing you to create a family heirloom that may be past from eldest son to eldest son. Start your own tradition, after all you won’t be taking it with you when you leave.

I saved this for last because it is touchy, but it still has to be said. People buy watches to make status symbols of also, everyone knows it. It wasn’t the fact that it was made of solid gold that appealed to Michael Douglas’ character Gordon Gecko, but the fact that he could afford it. If that is the reason you are looking for a watch, then that is your right. Just remember that there is a word that most women are familiar with because most likely they invented it, the word is gaudy and it is sometimes synonymous with expensive. So now you have the tools to find the watch that is right for you.

S.P. Kelly

© 2010 Steven P Kelly


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