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11 Struggles of Having Thick Hair

Updated on June 7, 2015

I am one of those fortunate, or unfortunate people, depending on how you look at it, who have been born with thick hair. More often than not I get complimented on it. Many people I've met seem to be envious of all my hair, but little do they know it can be a pain in the arse. I've been envious of people who don't have thick hair. It looks so neat almost constantly, it's light, and straightening it or curling it seems to take little to no effort at all.

When I get my hair straight or neatly curled, it involves an endless amount of heat and hairspray. Putting it up in any sort of way can be a struggle in itself as well. There have been times where I have wanted to pull my hair out or cut it all off. I actually did do the cutting-it-all-off thing, and believe it or not, pixie cuts for someone with thick hair can sometimes be no fun, either.

While there are positives to having thick hair, there are also the negatives, as anyone with thick hair is well aware of by now. For fun, I've accumulated a list of common nuisances that we individuals with thick hair most likely deal with on a regular basis. See if you can relate.

1. You get to listen to people tell you things like: "You're so lucky to have so much hair!" Compliments are great but you sort those envious people out quickly by telling them otherwise. No we're not really that lucky at all.

2. You constantly envy people with thin hair. You may even go as far as telling people with thin hair how lucky they are, and it may be a mutual longing for each other's hair even though you're confused as to why the person would want to deal with hair like that. Like really.

3. Thus, you regularly make appointments to get your hair thinned out, but even afterwards your hair still is thicker than most people's. Thinning out your hair works but only to a degree. It helps but doesn't solve the problem that you have more hair than the average person.

4. Straightening your hair is only possible with a professional hair straightener set to the highest temperature, and even then you have to go over it a couple times. One go over with a regular hair straightener? Imagine. It involves high heat, and several go overs to get your hair stick straight and not a poofy mess. Even then there's no guarantee as to how long it will stay that way. Love it while it lasts.

5. Any sort of braiding is only possible when your hair is wet. Trying to braid your hair when it is dry usually results in this big, thick, poofy braid that you could beat someone to death with. Really.

6. And If your hair is long, it takes hours to dry. Hours, and hours. A hair dryer is a must-have, or you need to schedule your showers hours before you go out.

7. It's freaking heavy, especially when in a ponytail or bun. Thick hair weighs a lot. The longer it is, the heavier it gets. Your head will ache from having this five pound ball of hair on the top of your head, Ouch.

8. Muggy weather is a nightmare. If you have thick hair, no explaining is needed to describe what happens to your hair when the weather takes a turn for the muggy side.

10. Because you always are using heat on your hair, dryness and split ends are always a problem. Straightening, curling, or blow-drying usually leaves your hair looking like straw. Hair care products and frequent trims are the norm.

11. It doesn't take much for it to get knotted. It just knots. Thick, complicated knots. Which means you need to brush your hair a lot.

Thick hair is a struggle and there's no easy way around it. It requires a lot of maintenance, but at least, after that maintenance, we can usually have pretty good looking hair. For those with thick hair, the struggle is mutual. Just embrace the endless supply of hair products and straighteners and blow-dryers. Flaunt what ya got. Even if it weighs a good ten pounds.

This hairspray works awesome for thick hair!


Everyone with thick hair, whether it's thick or curly, have probably developed their own methods of dealing with the struggles of thick hair, but here is some suggestions to help you out:

  • When using hairspray, be sure it is heavy duty, made specifically for thick hair, and is climate resistant. Although it is more chemicals in your hair, it holds, and having the reassurance that your hair is not going to fly everywhere or get all frizzy because of the weather is great. Don't just think updos, either. Even when wearing your hair down it doesn't hurt to give it a little spritz just to tame it a bit.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for thick hair, or for anti-frizz. Sometimes this can take a bit of bouncing around from brand to brand in order to find one that works best for you, but when you do, you'll find yourself more content with your hair.
  • Avoid any products that have the word 'volume' on them. Volume means it makes your hair thicker! You don't want that. I used a mousse one time that was for volume and the result was somewhere in-between a bad eighties-do and an electrical shock victim.
  • Although high-end hair straighteners may be expensive, usually ranging from $60-$120, they will be worth it. They have a higher temperature and are professionally used so the results are better and last longer.
  • If your hair still seems pretty voluminous, poofy and frizzy even after using a hair straightener or curling iron, invest in an after heat product that smooths your hair and tames down how frizzy it is. I use a product by Revlon that requires only a tiny dollop and will make my hair look that much better after I've straightened it.

Here are some products that I have used in the past or present to fight the battle against rebellious thick hair.


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    • carlyflames profile image

      Carla Marie 

      4 years ago from Philippines

      I too have uber thick hair and am seriously due for a salon appointment but... I have gotten a magic formula of shampoo/conditioner which involves one for silky and smoother hair and anti-frizz. It's very bothersome and takes too much water to wash. D=


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