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Things that Damaging Your Hair – Which you Might Don’t Know!

Updated on March 26, 2017

Which are the Things Causing Damage to Your Hair?

There might be a lot of things you’re doing with your hair, which you’re not aware causing great damage to it. All the styling, the tools, and everything can be a potential culprit to seamlessly damage your hair. Little mistakes in your beauty routine can be inadvertently messing with your own precious styles. So, to let you know, here are the things that damaging your hair – which you might don’t know!

Drying Your Big Wavy Curls with a Towel

Do you have these big wavy curly hairs? This type of hair should be dried in different ways compared to other hair types. Rough fabrics like towels will agitate the cuticles of the hair, which causes unnecessary friction. Instead of using the heavy fabrics, opt for T-shirt or microfiber cotton.

Excessive Exposure of Your Hair to the Sunlight

Frequent or excessive exposure of your hair to the sunlight might cause damage to your hair. You might be very particular in applying SFP in your legs, arms, and back, but you forgot that your hair needs protection too. To protect your hair, apply some leave-in conditioner that is loaded with sunscreen property.

Forcing the Knots to Come Out

If you are trying to untangle your knots with a comb, there is no such desired flexibility found on the tool and it can create a perfect pain to your scalp. Instead, you can use some paddle brushes, as they have the special cushion to gently unravel your hair from a knot.

Dirty Beauty Tools

Dirty beauty tools like brushes, straighteners, combs and curling irons, as well as recycle grimes can irritate the scalp on the head. It can also clog the pores of the scalp. If they passed their expiration date, kindly get rid of that stuff.

Poor Diet

Did you know that poor eating can also be attributed to hair damage? But this can be avoided by watching proper eating rituals. Hydrate your body with water and take some Vitamin A, C, and E to maintain the glossy texture of your strands.

Sleeping on Pillowcases and Cotton Sheets

Avoid lying you head for a long time, particularly when sleeping on pillowcases and cotton sheets. They can suck the moist from your body and of course, your hair.

Pulling Back the Sunglasses

When you pull your shades over your head, you might not aware that you are already killing your follicles. Not just this pressure stresses your hair a lot but also the risk plucking strands when you pull out the sunglasses and get it to your eyes again.

Dying Your Hair with a Dying Tool Frequently

Touching your highlights in 4 to 6 weeks is normal, but not every 2 weeks. The chemicals in hair dye can make your scalp and head become more delicate, so avoid too much hair dying.

Wearing Tight Hairstyles

Tight hairstyles have a chic appeal but it is murdering your tresses. Don’t make this sacrifices just to get the beauty you want or else you will suffer a lifetime.


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