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Baby care: Choosing clothes and making easy hats

Updated on May 21, 2011
Lovely baby girl in colourful dress
Lovely baby girl in colourful dress

Of the most enjoyable things of being a parent is decorating your little, lovely baby. You always try to find all kinds of amazing designed baby clothes.

Every parent loves to see their baby dressed beautifully. When parents choose their baby clothes, it is important to select items that are fashionable, functional, safe, and comfortable for their baby.

Choosing materials

Choosing material is very important especially for a new born baby. You must choose items made of the finest, softest fabrics. Natural fibers are always the best. You must make sure that decorative items such as buttons, bows and laces are not in a place that might bother your baby as babies have delicate skin. Make sure also that decorative items don't pose choking hazard. It's better to buy materials which are machine washable and dryer safe, to save your time and effort and enjoying more time with your baby.

Finding the right colour

You must consider colours you're going to buy. I see white and light colours as stain magnets. It's really impossible to remove stains from white and light coloured clothes, I bought a nice white dress for my daughter when she was a baby and it was very nice and loved it very much. The first time I dressed her this dress we went to a restaurant where a big ketchup stain which was impossible to be removed. I decided not to buy white dresses or any light coloured clothes for her again. You spend hours trying to manage it but the result is a disaster most of the time. Some parents really love it and I agree that babies look great in light colours so my advice to them is never give your baby food when she's wearing it :).

Stretchy crocheted hat
Stretchy crocheted hat

How to create a stretchy beautiful hat?

To make this nice hat you need

  • size H or I hook
  • soft baby yarn (one or two colours)


  1. Creat a 40 chain using size H hook.
  2. For the first row you need to stitch in a second chain in each chain accross.
  3. For second row, chain one turn. single crochet in first stich then skip next stich. Double chrochet, chain 1, double chrochet. Skip next stich, single chrochet in next stich, skip the following stich, repeat to the end of the row. End with (double chrochet, chain 1, double chrochet).
  4. For the third row: Chain1 turn. Second crochet in first chain one stich. Repeat across the row.
  5. Repeat row 3 for 34 more rows then fasten off.
  6. Join the short two sides of the rectangle by stiching using yarn.
  7. Gather one end for top of hat and the open one for the bottom of hat.
  8. Add flowers or pompom for decoration.


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    • kafsoa profile image

      kafsoa 6 years ago

      Yes daffodil, my first baby used to cry and I found red scars on her neck and chin, it was because of the synthetic decorations in her cloths. I decided to buy all organic and cotton. Thanks for commenting here ;)

    • daffodil2010 profile image

      daffodil2010 6 years ago

      baby clothes should be organic and coton. you care everything about it when you have kids. nice hub, thanks for sharing.

    • kafsoa profile image

      kafsoa 6 years ago

      Ooops, Thank you jaclyn

    • jaclyn8668 profile image

      jaclyn8668 6 years ago

      you repeated your last sentence