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Thinking of getting pedicure? Beware of some risks

Updated on August 29, 2016

Other factors that can increase the risk of nail infections include:

  • using artificial (cosmetic) nails,
  • nail damage,
  • constant nail biting,
  • having a health condition such as diabetes or psoriasis,
  • being immunosuppressed (having a weakened immune system),
  • being in poor general health,
  • living in a warm and humid climate, and
  • smoking.

And also – visiting nail bars where there is no proper hygiene and sterilization!

As clients we expect that all hygienic standards are met in the place of our choice, but are they really?

The only way to be save during your manicure or pedicure, is to go to the salon that is using disposable materials and has been sterilizing (not disinfecting!) metal tools! Check also if they are using individual bath liners to further avoid cross-contamination with previous clients so you don’t put your feet in to foot baths directly after someone else.

In case you unfortunately got a fungal infection already, you may either consider taking some strong antibiotics or fungal nail laser treatment.

So it’s my time for mani now! with no stress that I could catch any infection or something ugly. The only thing that I need to think now is about the nice colour to pick :)


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