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This Year's Wedding Dress Trends

Updated on September 10, 2009

Colors, Styles, and Fabrics

Getting married—find out about the latest trends before you purchase a gown. No matter the year, the traditional dress is always stylish. Still, if you want to add a unique flare, there are many options from color and fabrics to one-shoulder and silhouetted dresses.

Many modern brides are choosing to add a touch of color to their dresses to make a distinct impression for the moment and the memory. Making a distinct impression can easily be done with color. Some choices for a fashionable, color-oriented bride are two-toned gowns where the bodice may be white while the skirt is sewn with layers of soft colors intermixed with white or a dress completely designed in color. Color will enhance your place in the ceremony and the “hall of brides”, keeping you from being another bride in white. For those of you who want a hint of color, there are many other options such as appliqués, beads, and sequins. These accessories allow you to have the more traditional gown with a dazzling distinction. If you feel sure that white is only you, then consider the style and material of your dress.

From high hemlines, sheaths, trumpets, columns, and one-shoulder gowns— silhouetted gowns are in. If you want to show off your great figure, a high-hemline gown is great. Plus, these gowns make it easy for you to transition from the ceremony to the reception without having to change. A one-shoulder gown is another great choice. It not only accentuates your neckline, but it provides more support than a strapless gown. But, if you want to look like the princess your special day commands, a princess skirt is classic and never goes out.

Don’t get caught up in your gown’s color and style without thinking about the most comfortable fabric. The most stylish gowns of the year are made of the lightest of material like chiffon, tulle, organza, and tulle. Wearing silk and satin are beautiful, but you may not be for long if you get hot and sweat, so designers kept this in mind when they chose light airy fabrics to work with this season.

It’s your day and you need a dress that not only exemplifies your beauty but shows off your great style and character. Remember, this year’s wedding gowns are all about sexy, stunning choices and you’re sure to find one that is totally you.


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